“Scandal” fans were left with their jaws on the ground after Season 4, episode 20. The latest installment, titled “First Lady Sings the Blues,” kicked off with Quinn (Katie Lowes) discovering Jake’s (Scott Foley) lifeless body on the office table at Pope & Associates. Throwing her cool demeanor out the window, Quinn had a massive panic attack and almost shot Huck (Guillermo Diaz) when he showed up at the office. But while Quinn had a meltdown, Huck was taking action … because Jake wasn’t dead. A swift punch to the chest brought Jake back to life (albeit in a serious amount of pain).

With the hospital off the table, Olivia (Kerry Washington) and the rest of the Gladiators sprung into action to save Jake’s life. And surprisingly that involved a call to good ol’ Charlie (George Newburn). The shifty character just so happened to know a doctor who was willing to get to work saving Jake’s life off the grid in an abandoned warehouse. But everything has a price – and this doctor wasn’t looking for money. Instead, he wanted Olivia “the fixer” to help his friend, Black Sable … who just so happened to be a retired deadly KGB assassin.

As the doctor worked on Jake (and Quinn stole some blood for a potentially deadly surgery), Olivia went to work helping the former KGB agent, an older woman who changed her name to Mary Peterson. The KGB agent hadn’t carried out an order in years, but received one the day before. It was up to Olivia to try to get the KGB to retire Mary, and needless to say it proved to be pretty difficult.

To make Olivia’s situation even worse, Rowan (Joe Morton) figured out that Russell (Brian White) had failed at killing Jake. The big clue was that he hadn’t received a scathing call from his daughter. He ordered Russell to finish the job and find Jake, but the B613 agent couldn’t lock down Olivia’s location. So, Rowan “handled” it for Russell – he shot him in the arm.

Russell ended up at the hospital, and as Rowan predicted, Olivia showed up. With Huck at her side, the pair drugged Russell and took him to the warehouse with Jake. Thinking that her father was slowly picking off her loved ones, Olivia hatched a new plan – give her dad, the head of B613, to the KGB. She offered Rowan in exchange for Mary’s freedom. The goal was to have the KGB do the dirty work and allow her friends to walk free. Unfortunately, she still had no idea that Russell was working for her dad. He overheard their whole plan and tipped off Rowan.

That wasn’t the only damage that Russell caused while hiding out with Olivia. Charlie’s doctor managed to stitch Jake up, but he was still in rough shape. When he finally opened his eyes he was surprised to find his attacker on a table next to him. Knowing that Russell was there to finish the job, Jake tried to get off the operating table he was restrained on. He accidentally opened up his stitches and almost bled out. But the good thing was that the equipment Jake was hooked up to alerted Olivia and the others that something was wrong. They were able to swoop in before Russell was able to kill him – but they still had no idea that he was working for Rowan.

Olivia ended up discovering Mary, her grandkids and her KGB handler with bullets in their heads. But that wasn’t the worst part. After finding the bodies she received a call from her father.

“What have I always told you, Olivia?” he greeted her. “Against me you will never win.”

Olivia knew that her dad wouldn’t stop until her friends were all dead. With too much blood already on her hands, Olivia decided to call off the plan to take down B613. Like the lapdog that he is, Russell reported the news back to Rowan.

While Olivia and the rest of the Gladiators surrendered, Sally Langston (Kate Burton) caused some problems for Mellie (Bellamy Young) as she started her campaign trail for the Virginia senate seat. According to Sally, Mellie already had a job as First Lady. On top of that, she argued that it was a conflict of interest being married to the President and that it might not even be legal for her to run. With her ratings dropping, Cyrus (Jeff Perry) tried to sway the opinion of America by appearing on Sally’s talk show. However that only resulted in Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) approval ratings dropping.

Out of ideas, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) suggested that they leak that Mellie and Fitz’s marriage was over. But Mellie wasn’t willing to sink that long. She came in with Fitz as a team and planned on going out as one. With nothing left to lose, Fitz decided to call Olivia for help. Although reluctant at first, Olivia told him to have Mellie use her husband to her advantage – meaning tell the people of America that she has the President wrapped around her finger.

The move worked, but Cyrus was not happy. Mellie’s tactic would result in Fitz’s White House employees never getting a good job again after his time in office came to a close. But of course that wasn’t the biggest shocker in the final moments of “Scandal.” Episode 20 concluded with Russell at Olivia’s house. While Olivia was in the other room, Russell called Rowan to give him the latest update. He wanted to know if Rowan wanted him to still kill Jake, who was now at a hospital seeking medical attention. Rowan said no because they needed to start “looking ahead” to “Foxtale.” After getting off the phone, Russell ended up in Olivia’s bed. Wearing nothing but some lingerie, Olivia told him to close his eyes. In a surprise move, she pulled out a gun and put it to his head. She called him out for working with Rowan and demanded that he tell her about “Foxtale.”