Break out your white hat, because “Scandal” is back on ABC! Season 5 of the drama premieres tonight, and fans won’t want to miss a second with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her team of Gladiators. But before the new season begins, we’re recapping all the big moments from the Season 4 finale.

When “Scandal” viewers last left off, Rowan (Joe Morton) managed to manipulate Mellie (Bellamy Young) into handling a couple of issues close to his heart in exchange for keeping Operation Remington and her relationship with Vice President Andrew Nichols (Joe Tenney) a secret. So, what did Mellie have to do? Hand over the name of the jurors hearing David Rosen’s (Joshua Malina) case against B613. Simple enough, right? Well, unfortunately it also resulted in the murder of every single one of those jury members while they were on lunch break.

The execution of the jury meant that Olivia, David and Jake’s (Scott Foley) plan to take down Rowan was over. Olivia wasn’t ready to give up on fighting her father. However, David threw in the towel.

“While I live for justice, I don’t want to die for it,” he told Olivia and her Gladiators before departing.

Olivia decided to visit her mom (Khandi Alexander) behind bars in order to gain insight on how she could stop Rowan once and for all. Although Mama Pope wasn’t that helpful, she did say something that caused Olivia to reevaluate their strategy. “Nobody even knows he exists,” she told her daughter about Rowan.

With nothing left to lose, Olivia and Jake decided to go straight to the director of the CIA to reveal that there is a top secret spy organization operating behind her back. But Rowan was still one step ahead of them. The CIA director met with Cyrus (Jeff Perry), who threatened her life unless she arrested Olivia and Jake. Meanwhile, Cyrus also threatened David, promising to kill Abby (Darby Stanchfield) if he didn’t get Jake and Olivia to sign a contract denying any knowledge of B613.

David got the deed done, allowing Jake and Olivia to walk free. Although it seemed like they lost, Rowan called up Olivia to tell her that she actually won – she took down Command. Because of her little run-in with the FBI, Rowan was forced to assassinate any B613 agents that could identify him as Command. He also blew up the remaining B613 files and agreed to set Mama Pope free if she signed a contract denying B613’s existence. Command was gone, leaving Eli Pope, a paleontologist who works for the Smithsonian Museum.

As B613 was wrapped up, Mellie won the election for Senator of Virginia. But her seat on the Senate cost her. Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi), her campaign manager, revealed to Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) that Mellie gave the juror names to Rowan. Needless to say, Fitz was not happy. After the big win he told Mellie to pack her bags and get out of his house. But he wasn’t done there. He also fired Cyrus as the Chief of Staff.

Back at Olivia’s office, the Gladiators were not ready to let Rowan walk away a free man. Thanks to something Huck said about B613’s stolen money, Olivia hatched a new plan to assure her father gets placed behind bars – embezzlement. The plan worked and Rowan was locked up for stealing money from the Smithsonian. He threatened that he’d be able to get out, but Olivia dropped a bombshell on him – Command could get out, but not Rowan with his new identity.

The big jaw dropper of the episode was Quinn (Katie Lowes) discovering that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) was the one that teamed with Rowan to assassinate the jurors. She pulled a gun on him and was ready to shoot, but the finale didn’t reveal if she pulled the trigger or not. Finally, Olivia chose between Jake and Fitz. Jake left heartbroken, while Olivia went to the White House to get back Fitz. The finale ended with the two embracing in a steamy kiss.

Season 5 of “Scandal” will pick up with Olivia and Fitz full steam ahead with their relationship. The two love birds will be on cloud nine, however the same can’t be said for Cyrus, Huck and Mellie. All three characters are on the outs … and Fitz wants a divorce.

"Scandal" Season 5 premieres on ABC on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. EDT.