Welcome back, Gladiators! It’s been a long few months, but on Thursday, Sept. 24, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) will be back on TV. After a dramatic fourth season, viewers were left on a somewhat happy note as Olivia and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) reconnected. But will the fairytale continue in Season 5? We’re breaking down everything we know about the upcoming installment of the ABC drama before the premiere:

1. Episode 1 Synopsis

Olitz is back on! The two rekindled their relationship after Fitz found out that Mellie (Bellamy Young) was responsible for the death of the B613 jury in the 4 finale. However, that doesn’t mean that Olivia will be taking her relationship with the president public. The two will continue to keep things private in the Season 5 premiere … that is until Fitz divorces Mellie.

Meanwhile, Cyrus (Jeff Perry), Huck (Guillermo Diaz) will be on the outs with everyone after their involvement with Rowan (Joe Morton) last season. And “tragedy” will strike when the Queen of Caldonia visits the White House.

2. The Start

“Scandal” is not using a time jump to leap forward. The Season 4 finale managed to shake everything up, and according to creator Shonda Rhimes the new season will “pick up right there in that environment.”

3. Lonely Jake

Jake (Scott Foley) and Olivia shippers were NOT happy when she ultimately chose to be with Fitz. Jake seemed OK when he left, but Rhimes teased that the former B613 agent is far from alright with the breakup.

“Jake goes on a journey that might destroy everything,” she revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

4. Mellie’s Future

What’s next for Mellie after Fitz kicked her out of the White House? She’s still got the Senator position, however things are complicated with her husband. A promo video revealed that Fitz wants a divorce, but actress Mellie Young revealed to TVLine that her character is not going to give up that easily.

“She hates herself for living him, but she loves him!” Young dished. “Oh, her life would be so much simpler if she didn’t! But she does!”

5. New Faces

Get ready to welcome “The Strain” actress Mia Maestro to “Scandal.” The actress will be taking a break from fighting vampires to join the ABC drama in a mysterious, yet major recurring role.

The Wrap reports that Julie Claire of “Devious Maids” and “Bloodline” will also be featured in Season 5 of “Scandal,” but in a guest role. Details on her character or plot line have not been released.

6. Two Series Regulars

Portia de Rossi and Cornelius Smith Jr. are sticking around! According to TV Guide, the two have been promoted to series regulars. Rossi, who plays Mellie’s sneaky campaign manager, revealed to Fitz that Mellie had worked with Rowan. It’s unclear where she’ll stand now.

Smith Jr. was introduced last season as Marcus Walker, a love interest for Olivia … and one of Rowan’s secret B613 agents. B613 is gone and Rowan is behind bars, so where will Marcus fit into Olivia’s world? He’s not expected to turn back up until later this fall.

“Scandal” Season 5 premieres on ABC on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. EDT.