Fans will get one step closer to finding out who the murderous Red Devil is when “Scream Queens” airs episode 4, titled “Haunted House.” But according to the synopsis of the Halloween-themed installment, uncovering the truth will only lead to more deaths on the Wallace University campus, which Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) is determined to keep open.

“As Halloween approaches, Chanel (Emma Roberts) creates a devious plan after Zayday (Keke Palmer) makes a shocking announcement,” the summary for the Season 1 installment reveals. And from what we saw in the episode 4 promo video, it looks like the Kappa Kappa Tau pledge will have more to worry about than just the evil sorority president as Denise (Niecy Nash) continues to suspect Zayday of being the killer. (But seriously… a chainsaw underneath your bed is a little suspicious, Zayday.)

“Meanwhile, Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Pete (Diego Boneta) pay a visit to a mysterious woman with ties to Kappa's past,” the synopsis adds. But their visit will only result in disastrous consequences.

“You come to talk to me about that night at Kappa house?” the witness, who now lives in a trailer that’s parked in the middle of the woods, asks the college students when they abruptly show up at her door. After the key witness speaks to Grace and Pete about that terrible night a KKT sister died while giving birth during a party, the masked murder shows up to the mobile home – and we doubt it’s to borrow sugar.

Viewers will also get to watch Hester (Lea Michele) grow closer to Chad (Glen Powell) in episode 4 after being turned into another one of Chanel’s minions.

“I want everything Chanel has… and that includes you,” Hester says to the Dickie Dollar Scholar member in a trailer for Tuesday’s episode. Would Chanel No. 6 really betray her “mom” like that? Or is this a part of Chanel’s plan to get back at her ex for having an affair with her minions behind her back?

Fans will find out when “Scream Queens” airs part 1 of the Fox show’s two-part Halloween event on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 9 p.m. EDT.