It’s been a wild, blood-soaked season, guys. But on Tuesday, the chaos on the campus of Wallace University will finally come to an end when “Scream Queens” concludes its first installment. And while we’re sad to bid our favorite, new Fox comedy farewell, we’re also seriously excited to learn which character is hiding beneath that menacing Red Devil mask in the final episode, “Dorkus/The Final Girl(s).”

The synopsis for the two-hour finale, set to air Tuesday, Dec. 8, teases that “shocking confessions” will be made in the upcoming installment as the Red Devil killer is finally unmasked. And considering the finale is titled after Melanie Dorkus (Brianne Howey), the former president of Kappa Kappa Tau who was burned during a spray tanning incident, it seems safe to say audiences will discover not only who the murderer is but who swapped Melanie’s spray tanner with dangerous chemicals.

It was first believed that Chanel (Emma Roberts) was the one behind the gruesome act that nearly burned off of all of Melanie’s skin. After all, Melanie had just disinvited her to a Spring Break getaway of a lifetime. However, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) later suspected Grace (Skyler Samuel) of toying with Melanie’s tanner when she noted that Grace was visiting the campus of Wallace University and the Kappa house the very same day Melanie was assaulted. Suspicious, right?

So, which character will be held accountable for all the killings? Well, whoever it is has been working alongside Pete (Diego Boneta). During episode 11, the handsome journalist revealed to Grace that his hands aren’t exactly clean.

“I don’t want your first time to be with a murderer,” he says to her, revealing the surprising reason why he had refused to have sex with her. Prior to rejecting Grace’s offer, Pete displayed extremely curious behavior. He was packing his belongings in preparation of skipping town (without telling Grace), he was discussing his guilt on the phone with a mystery party and had taken a long, hard look at the Red Devil costume hanging in his closet. (Nice hiding place, Pete.)

But who could Pete be working in cahoots with? Well, Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the series, has previously stated that it’s pretty obvious who the Red Devil killer is, E! Online reported. However, is the murderer so obvious that we’re overlooking who it could be?

Fans will find out when the “Scream Queens” two-hour finale airs Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.