The “Scream” Season 1 finale ended with the Brandon James killer dead ... so, what could the MTV TV series possible cook up for a second season? The network confirmed in June that the surviving characters will return for Season 2 , but besides the “Audrey mystery” fans are being kept in the dark about what the plotline could possibly revolve around. Fortunately, executive producer Jill Blotevogel has some teasers for those that can’t wait until 2016.

Blotevogel revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the series is hoping to bring back actor Tom Everett Scott for the sophomore installment. Scott portrayed Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) father, Kevin Duval.

“We hope to expand that story,” she teased.

“Scream” fans will remember that Emma’s mother, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf), was wrapped up with the Brandon James murders 20 years prior. As legend has it, a local boy named Brandon became obsessed with Maggie, who then went by Daisy. On the night of the Halloween dance, Brandon approached Daisy to talk. Things were going well until he took off his mask. Daisy allegedly screamed after seeing his face. Brandon suffered from a deformity called proteus syndrome, a condition that resulted in overgrown bones, skin and tissue.

scream 1 Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) and Kevin's (Tom Everett Scott) past will continue to be explored in Season 2 of MTV's "Scream." Photo: MTV

Everything allegedly went downhill after that. A group of drunk jocks came running over to Daisy and began to fight Brandon. And that’s when Brandon snapped. That night he murdered a handful of teens and attacked others.

The story goes that the police shot and killed Brandon by the lake after being led there by Daisy … but what if that’s not really what happened? Viewers later found out that Emma’s father was one of the survivors from the attacks, and that her mother had taken a break from dating him before the incident. Emma’s mom developed a friendship with Brandon, and one night the two even slept together. Kevin ultimately found out about the affair. So, is it possible that Emma’s father was more involved in the old murders than initially painted to be?

All viewers know so far about Kevin is that he found out that Daisy had got pregnant with Brandon James’ baby, and gave it up for adoption. He supposedly left Daisy and Emma shortly after the discovery. He briefly appeared onscreen when Emma was in the hospital, and a dream involving him helped Emma figure out that the killer stalking her could actually be a half sibling.

Although Season 2 is still in its early stages, Blotevogel told EW after the finale that the new installment will find Emma clearing up any remaining mysteries from her mothers past. She doesn’t want any more lies about what happened, and is reading to keep “digging into her past.”

“We’ve seen a lot of the dark sides of our various characters,” she added. “I think it’s going to be digging into that and uncovering what’s within our characters.”

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