Noah (John Karna) and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) search for the killer in episode 10 of MTV's "Scream." MTV

The Brandon James mask was finally lifted on MTV's "Scream" in episode 10, "Revelations." After a season of multiple gory deaths, the finale revealed the person responsible for all the killings in Lakewood.

Episode 10 begins right where 9 left off, as Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) tells Emma to stay at the school with the deputies as she goes to find Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles), who has been tied to a tree somewhere and live streamed to the entire gym at the Halloween dance.

Emma calls Kieran (Amadeus Serafini), who is sitting in his truck in a field suspiciously loading his gun. He ignores the call and Emma leaves him a voicemail telling him to call her back. Noah (John Karna) tries tracing the live stream as Emma tries to get hold of Brooke (Carlson Young). Brooke doesn't answer, but Emma does receive a call -- from the killer.

“Tonight's the big finale Emma, gotta make sure everyone's watching the horror show. People want to see blood, and I'm going to give it to them,” the killer tells Emma. The masked murderer tells Emma the night is going to be "gut-wrenching" and if she hopes to save Sheriff Hudson, she'll have to put all the pieces together or Daisy's heart will be broken again.

The police believe the murder of one of the deputies at the station near Mr. Branson's (Bobby Campo) cell is staged, and when Emma arrives at police headquarters she tells Maggie what the killer told her. Emma remembers the clue left on Will's back and tells Maggie the killer might have left one on the body of the dead deputy. Maggie finds a heart-shaped necklace in his mouth, the kind Brandon used to make. She said he used to leave gifts like that in the tree behind her house and they decide that's probably where Sheriff Hudson is.

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald,left) and Kieran (Amadeus Serafini,right) look for the killer at Brooke's (Carlson Young, not pictured) in episode 10 of "Scream." MTV

When Emma and Maggie arrive at the house, they find Sheriff Hudson tied to the tree still alive. However, just like what happened to Will (Connor Weil), it was a set up for those trying to save Sheriff Hudson. When they go to cut the sheriff free, his organs fall out of his stomach and he dies in front of Maggie and Emma.

Emma heads back to the police station where she receives a call from Noah who lets her know the killer's malware also turns off notifications, texts and calls so Brooke has no idea Emma has been trying to reach her. Noah is also able to trace the signal from the killer back to Brooke's house where her party is.

At Brooke's party, Brooke and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) seem finally to bond with one another. Jake (Tom Maden) shows up with another girl to try and make Brooke jealous, but all she does is kiss another guy to make him jealous right back. Jake finds her in the wine cellar and apologizes to her saying it was him on the webcam, but he was trying to figure out who turned it back on after he deleted it. She gets mad at Jake and tells him to leave.

Noah picks Emma up at the police station and the two head to Brooke's party, where Piper (Amelia Blaire Rose) also was supposed to go to make sure Brooke was OK. Back at Brooke's, the killer crashes the party and kills one of the kids, Grayson, in the pool house. After the body is discovered, everyone leaves the house and runs away screaming. When Audrey approaches the pool of blood by the pool house the killer comes up from behind and throws her against the wall to stab her, but the screen cuts to black before you see what happens.

When Brooke comes up from the wine cellar, she sees no one is at the party anymore. As she looks around outside, Mr. Branson shows up. He said the killer showed up at the jail and killed the cop to make it look like he did it, but he knew how it would look so he ran to Brooke's because he didn't know where else to go. Brooke doesn't believe him and she locks him out in the backyard where the lights go off. When the backyard lights come back on the Brandon James killer is standing in the window looking back at Brooke.

Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) in a still from episode 10 of MTV's "Scream." MTV

Brooke runs to the garage and hides in the cooler where her father, Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt), once stuffed a dead body. The killer knows she's in the freezer and locks her in, stabbing her a couple of times through the side of the freezer before plugging it back in and leaving her to die.

Noah and Emma arrive at the house and find Piper's Jeep with the door open, her glasses and phone on the ground with blood all over it. They walk up to the house, and Kieran comes on the porch and points his gun at them.

Kieran said he doesn't know what's going on, and after he left the dance, he says he went to the woods to shoot his gun to relieve frustration following his fight with Emma. Emma tells him Piper said he's the son of Brandon James, which Kieran says can't be true because Sheriff Hudson is his father, and he has the paperwork to prove it. She then breaks the news to him that his dad was killed, and the two hug before going into the house to find the killer and stop him.

When Kieran, Emma and Noah go in the house, they split up. Noah goes off on his own and Kieran and Emma stay together, which Noah points out is a horror story no-no. Outside on the porch, Noah finds Audrey's jacket and camera on the ground and continues to look for her. He then goes near the pool house and sees a pool of blood coming out of it. When he gets near and looks inside, he screams when he sees Grayson's body, and then Audrey, who miraculously survived her encounter with the killer with cut on her arm, runs into him.

Kieran and Emma find Jake, who also has no idea what's going on. They all hear banging in the garage and investigate. They figure out it's coming from the freezer, and Brooke is locked inside. Jake smashes the lock with a shovel, and they're able to get Brooke out before she freezes to death. Jake says he'll keep her safe as Kieran and Emma resume their search of the house.

The four come back together and find they're all OK. Emma is trying to call for help using Brooke's house phone when the killer calls. The masked murderer says he has Daisy and tells Emma to guess where. Emma guesses it's at the dock at Ren Lake where it all began, which leads to the killer telling her to go there alone or others will die. Emma grabs a kitchen knife and heads to the dock.

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) hugs Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) after breaking the news to him that his father was killed in episode 10 of "Scream." MTV

When Emma arrives at the dock she finds her Mom tied up in a chair. Maggie tells her she shouldn't have come, as the masked killer in the hood emerges from the woods. Emma tells the killer she came like he wanted and no more games or masks. The killer stops walking towards Emma, lowers the hood and pulls off the mask, revealing Piper.

“Hey sis, surprise. I seriously wish you can see your face right now hashtag mind blown," Piper taunts.

As it turns out, when Emma and Piper originally bonded over her murdered father, it was Brandon James. Piper said it stings when someone breaks your trust. It's how her Dad got shot and she got put up for adoption while Emma got what she calls "the perfect life."

Piper tells Emma her plan to set Branson up as the fall guy, who she has tied up in the trunk of her car. She said it all ends with Emma getting her throat slit in front of Maggie before she kills Maggie. Emma still has the knife hidden behind her back, but Piper is aware of it. Emma goes to attack Piper, but Piper slices her across the stomach. Maggie is able to free herself from the ropes that held her to the chair and she tackles Piper, but gets stabbed in the side in the process.

Piper goes back to Emma and tells her she has one last surprise for Emma before she kills her and "she'll never see it coming." Suddenly, Audrey appears on the dock and shoots Piper, who falls into the water. Emma and Audrey go to check on her mom, but Piper then climbs back up on the dock and Emma grabs the gun Audrey dropped and shoots her again, dropping the famous "they always come back" line with which "Scream" fans are familiar.

Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) was revealed to be the Brandon James killer in episode 10 of "Scream." MTV

Maggie apologizes to Emma for everything, but Emma said they made it and Maggie gets rolled into an ambulance on a stretcher to go to the hospital. Brooke and Jake are shown together looking like a couple as Noah tells Audrey not only is Emma a survivor, but they all are. She tells Noah she's happy she saw Emma run into the woods.

Noah finishes the autopsy of a crime podcast for Piper. His voiceover is heard in the final minutes of the episode with Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" playing. Kieran and Emma return to being a couple, Jake deletes all the traces of malware for good, Branson gets cleared, and Audrey is shown at her computer as she looks at a picture of her and Emma -- and one of Brandon James.

While it seems like the case has been solved, Noah asks listeners who could've worn the mask the day Will and Piper were attacked? Piper confessed to her crimes but she didn't explain the attack on herself. Audrey is shown pulling letters addressed to her from Piper out of a bible that's really a safe. She's also looking through police notes from the original 1994 murders, which she burns along with the letters from Piper. The episode comes to a close with the stage being set for Season 2 as Noah asks, "Am I just over thinking it or is there more to come?"