Hard disk drive maker Seagate unveiled a new wireless storage device that streams content to an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

The storage device - called as GoFlex Satellite -- is the first battery-powered external hard drive to extend the storage capacity of any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device without wires or web, Seagate said in a statement.

GoFlex, which has a memory of 500GB, Wi-Fi access over 802.11 b/g/n and a rechargeable battery, allows the user carry an entire library of video, music, pictures and documents.

These wireless devices are connected directly to the GoFlex Satellite drive by use of the free GoFlex Media app or a web browser. GoFlex Media app is currently available on iTunes and the Apple App Store, while the Android app is expected to be available by this summer.

With a stand-by battery life of up to 25 hours, the powerful lithium polymer battery delivers up to 5 hours of continuously streaming video, GoFlex wirelessly serves up media content as a local attached storage for up to three devices at the same time.

To help with extending battery life, the free GoFlex Media app provides a progressive download feature, which temporarily loads the video on to the iOS device it is being streamed to, allowing the drive to go into stand-by mode.

The storage device comes with a USB 3.0 cable, a car charger, a compact wall charger and easy-to-use Media Sync software.

With the growth of the tablet and iPad markets and the larger volumes of high-quality media now being consumed, there is a clear need for access to content that is not plagued with the challenges of streamed video over the Internet, said Patrick Connolly, vice president and general manager of Seagate's retail group.

No longer will a consumer feel as though it is a compromise to purchase a lower capacity tablet or iPad. With GoFlex Satellite, people will be able to carry their entire media library with them without the need for wires or the web at a fraction of the cost of adding 3G or purchasing or a higher capacity tablet, Connolly added.

GoFlex Satellite is available immediately for preorder from Seagate.com, Amazon and BestBuy.com for a suggested retail price of $199.99, and is scheduled to arrive in Best Buy stores in July 2011. Meanwhile, global availability is planned for later this summer.