The New York Police Department will remove four officials involved in the controversial Sean Bell shooting case, according to a NBC New York report.

Out of the four officers, Detective Gescard Isnora, who fired the first bullet that hit Sean Bell, will be sacked and he would not get any pension benefits.

While the other three officers, Detective Michael Oliver, Detective Marc Cooper and Lt. Gary Napoli, can claim their pension benefits if they resign by Monday. Napoli,  a supervisor, was at the scene but did not fire any shots, reports New York Times.

 The killing happened in November, 2006 in a Grey Nissan outside the Queens Strip Club. The 23-year-old unarmed Bell was killed on the eve of his wedding by the officials who thought he was armed. A total of 50 shots were fired at the youths of which Isnora fired the first 11 shots. His friends Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield also got injured in the shooting.

All the three detectives were indicted initially but were exonerated in 2008 in a criminal trial. But a subsequent civil trial found them guilty and the city had agreed on a compensation of $7 million.

The punitive action against the officials now is based on a departmental trial judge's ruling, which was upheld by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne confirmed the action against the officers to NBC New York and said, There was nothing in the record to warrant overturning the decision of the Department's trial judge.

Another Officer Michael Carey, who did not fire any shot, was found not guilty and will be allowed to continue on the force.