Hip hop star Sean Kingston “is now stabilized and has moved from the trauma unit to ICU,” according to his publicist Joseph Carozza.

Kingston’s girlfriend, who was on the vehicle with him but was not seriously injured, told TMZ that the doctors “have a tube down his throat so he can't really talk, but he is lucid and understands what's going on.”  Kingston is sedated but conscience and responsive, according to multiple sources.

People close by immediately after Kingston’s accident could tell that it was serious because he repeatedly coughed up blood.

Kingston’s injuries include a broken jaw, fractured wrist, and water in his lungs, sources told CNN.  However, the hip hop star is expected to fully recover in about six weeks.  

Kingston, according to his girlfriend, was going “really fast” when he crashed his jet ski, reported TMZ.  She also thinks he tried to turn away from the bridge he crashed into at the last second.

Jorge Pino, a spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, said “nine times out of 10, recklessness on the water involving personal watercraft contributes to accidents,” reported the Hollywood Gossip.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) stated that inattention, inexperience, and inappropriate speed are the primary causes of accidents.

Below are three songs Kingston is known for.