Saints head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for a year by the NFL for his role in the Bountygate scandal.

Saints former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely after it was discovered that Saints players were paid to injure opponents from 2009-2011.

As expected, many Saints players are not happy with the decision.

The Saints starting quarterback Drew Brees and backup quarterback Chase Daniel took to twitter to express their displeasure over the decision.

I am speechless. Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. The best there is. I need to hear an explanation for this punishment, tweeted Brees.

Daniel said, This is absolutely absurd! I'm speechless to say the least!

Jabari Greer has been a cornerback for New Orleans since 2009, when the bounty program was put in place. He went on Sirius XM Radio to talk about the situation.

I am disappointed by the decision that has come down. My issue is the way we're portrayed up to this point, said Greer. People are portraying us as thugs. The punishment imposed is trying to destroy our season. It won't happen. We are New Orleans.

Greer said he has no regrets for what the Saints did.

If the players are looking for answers, they might want to look to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell says New Orleans was not honest with the league when it approached the team about possible violations.

Clearly, we were lied to. We investigated this back in 2010, we were told it was not happening, it continued for another two years until we got credible evidence late in the 2011 season and we were able to identify significant information that verified from multiple sources that this was going on for a three-year period.

In addition to the suspensions, the Saints will lose their second-round draft pick for the next two years, and have been fined $500,000.