SeaWorld is working to fight safety charges after a Florida trainer was drowned by a killer whale.

The company may have to pay a $75,000 fine after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the Department of Labor found three safety violations, Reuters reported.

The court proceedings come more than a year after whale trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed when an orca, Tilikum, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her underwater.

She drowned and suffered from traumatic injuries, according to a medical examiner, the Associated Press reported.

The lawsuit has resonated throughout the industry.

A lot of people are following this, biologist and director emeritus of Ohio's Columbus Zoo Jack Hanna said, the Orlando Sentinel reported.  I'm concerned about the outcome. And I think anybody in our business should be.

There is a decades-long history of humans being attacked and sometimes killed by killer whales in captivity.

Most people get their education about marine mammals from marine facilities like SeaWorld, Human Society International senior scientist Naomi Rose told the organization, Inc. in Feb. It is therefore only proper that its actions and any regulatory matters related to those actions be discussed openly and transparently.