Are you 20-something, enrolled in the final two years of university and looking to equip yourself with an MBA eventually in order to launch your career in corporate management with a renowned multinational?

One way, of course, would be to look for a job with a firm of your choice after you receive your Bachelor's degree and after a few years, apply to a full time MBA program in an internationally reputed business school.

However, there is also an alternative path, by which you can secure pre-admission to one of Europe's most highly ranked schools - the IESE in Spain - as early as the time that you are in University. This is made possible by the innovative Young Talent Program (YTP), which identifies talent right at the stage when they are in University, secures pre-admission for them in the School's MBA class and also places them in a prominent firm for two years at least so that they fulfill the experiential requirements of the MBA program.

The IESE MBA was ranked the No. 1 European MBA by The Economist in 2010 and No.5 globally. Its class of over 200 students consists of participants from across the world, who go through a very selective admissions procedure. The average years of work experience in the class is 4 years.

The YTP gives outstanding university graduates a chance to gain admission to this program during their years in college as long as they have competitive GMAT scores, outstanding academic records and significant extracurricular achievements.

Information on the School's website indicates the typical profile of YTP candidates as follows:

Average age: 22.5

Average GPA (on scale of 10): 8

Average GPA (on scale of 4): 3.6

Average GMAT: 710

Average number of languages spoken: 3

Candidates must apply to the YTP during their junior or senior years of college. The selection follows a pattern similar to the MBA selections - based on GMAT scores, results in college, essays, recommendations and the like.  Following pre-admission, YTP participants attend a seminar held for one week in the summer on IESE's Barcelona campus. In September, they begin work with a prominent firm (based on their long term career aspirations) or start their senior year at college. Next year in summer, they return for yet another seminar on campus.

YTP candidates have to work for at least two years before they join the full time MBA class. Prior to that, IESE confirms final admission based on feedback from the company. The program has an impressive network of participating companies including Microsoft, ATKearney, BCG, Cisco. McKinsey and Nestle. Thus, when YTP students finally enter the MBA class, they already have professional experience with a top global firm.

Selections are made on rolling basis throughout the year, though the time of application affects participation in the YTP Next Steps Seminar, should the candidate be admitted. The upcoming deadline for application to the program is February 21, 2011.

More details can be accessed at the official YTP site.