If you’ve ever woken up early on a Saturday morning to find that you spent far more money than you indented at the bar the might before, you might take solace in learning that you didn’t spend quite as much as Rob Gronkownski’s $9000 bar tab. 

The New England Patriots tight end was out at a Las Vegas bar earlier in February, where he racked up a bar tab of just over $9600. The tab from XS nightclub at the Wynn ended up on Instagram on Friday, showing that not only can Gronkowski set single-season records in the NFL, but that he knows how to throw a Super Bowl party as well.

One of the most interesting bits of the tab is that Gronkowski spent over $150 on bottles of Fiji Water alone. That amount should be more than enough to bankroll a good night out for plenty of people, but it’s barely enough to make a dent in Gronkowski’s tab. 

The most expensive single item on the tab was a bottle of Perrier-Jouët Rose and Brut, totaling $1595, but it’s also worth noting that Gronkowski dropped $1575 on what was presumably an extremely large amount of Grey Goose vodka. 

The real winner in all of this? The unnamed waitress who received a $1400 tip for her service that night. The government got a pretty nice cut as well, taking home $1200 of the almost impossibly high bar tab.

Of course, $9000 has got to be like peanuts for Gronkowski, who made $2.6 million last season, according to the LA Times.

So what is the Patriots star up to at the moment? Besides recovering from what must be the most massive hangover in history, he’s also on track to fully come back from a broken arm.

"I've just been living my life how I have been -- with my family, with my friends -- since I was a young kid," Gronkowski told NFL.com. "I appreciate everyone's support of me. Just worrying about my arm, just making sure I'm 100 percent healthy, which I totally agree because I definitely want to be 100 percent healthy.”