I'm beginning to think we need a complete start-over in Washington in regard to our politicians. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Party -- everybody should go all at once, and let's get a fresh start.

The bureaucracy, playing the best interests of our nation for the re-election power of the parties and individuals, has simply become too much. It's not the way this nation is supposed to run, and it's not something we should stand for any longer.

We've fallen prey to their game of one party making us believe the other is the problem. But both parties, and some in between, are the problem -- because they are embroiled in the very same power game. And we the people are becoming the losers.

There are diamonds in the political rough. I like Senator Bob Corker, the Republican from Tennessee, a lot. And I'm warming to President Barack Obama for his new-found common sense positioning, particularly in regard to the debt issue facing America. There are others, too, but there's no sense running down a list.

It's better to lump Washington together, like liabilities in a bankruptcy. We should treat Washington the way Washington treated General Motors when that company was bankrupt, mired in its own bureaucratic blindness.

We should force change.

Because I don't think it's going to happen any other way. We need a start-over, building it from ground up once again.

If this sounds like some wry way of saying America's politicians are no longer acting in our best interest, that they should act right or face public ire, it's not. I mean exactly what I say: We need a complete start-over in Washington. The diamonds will find their way back to the light.

After more than 200 years, it's time to clear it all out and start over, like removing thatch from an overgrown garden.

Money and power has gone to Washington's head after so many years that its no longer an influence, it's the only thing that seems to matter. The best interests of the nation certainly don't.

I want politicians in Washington who want to do the right thing so badly they expect to be voted out of office. And if they do their job properly, they probably will be voted out. Then they can come back home and live and work among the rest of us, while another goes and gives it their most fair and best effort.

Political service, even at a high level in Washington, was never supposed to be a job, or power at our expense. It was supposed to be just that -- service. Government of the people, for the people. Not government for government's sake. Yet that's what the system has become.

It's far worse than it was a decade ago, and five decades before that, and something has to give.

People will line up against this argument quickly, claiming that it is the fault of Republican leaders. And they are right.

Others will claim it is the fault of Democratic leaders. And they are right.

The parties seem to take turns stalemating and risking our future with stubborn foolishness. Right now, Republicans are getting the nod. But just last year, Democrats had that floor. What matters most is nothing seems to change. With every passing month, and with every passing year, the stalemate at our expense gets worse, and worse.

I'm tired of it. And I want something better in Washington, for America.

I want a restart, where people who can lead, people who truly love this country above their party and their own interests, have a chance at brokering change, for a change.

I want political leaders willing to go against the grain of popular opinion, of party politics, of individual need.

I want them to put America first.

This is a great country that will thrive, if the people are allowed to thrive. If Washington will represent the people and work to create change, by giving to get.

I know there are men and women throughout this country who can and will serve ably to get the job done. Anything will be better than what we have.

Washington is broke. And it's not the budget deficit I'm talking about.