The switch experiment is done on “Seven Year Switch,” but the drama is far from over. Four couples switched spouses to see if they would’ve been better off with a different partner. After two weeks of living apart, the spouses are returning home to see if the experiment strengthened their relationship. After nearly everyone admitted to jealousy in episode 6, the couples had plenty to confront each other about in episode 7.

Aleshia and Houston Osemwengie

Aleshia greets her husband with a big kiss, and they start talking about the experiment. Aleshia describes how Neal greeted her with champagne and roses at the beginning of the experiment, and Houston seems jealous. He grows even more upset as she tells him that there was only one bed.

Houston told the cameras his wife was talking about her experimental husband too much. “Neal is in the past,” Houston says. “I’m in the present.”

Dr. Jessica Griffin and Dr. Dan Shapiro visit to check up on the couple. They ask Houston about balancing his relationship and his interests, like being a DJ. “If she’s not interested in what I’m spending my time doing, then it’s kind of hard to do both at the same time,” Houston said. Aleshia says she is interested, and the doctors encouraged him to involve her in his hobbies.

7 year switch aleshia and neal Aleshia and Neal had to return to their real spouses in "Seven Year Switch" Season 1, episode 7. Photo: FYI

Leah and Neal Carney

Leah and Neal start talking, and Leah realizes her husband had a little more fun than she did during the experiment. She says it’s just because of his personality. She doesn’t question him much about his experimental wife Aleshia. However, Leah can’t avoid the subject of kids. Aleshia told her that Neal wants kids, but she thought that he said he didn’t want children. Neal clarifies that he wants to be a father, but it wasn’t a big deal if Leah doesn’t want kids. Leah drops the subject because they need to see if they’ll stay together first.

Neal and Leah don’t seem quite as affectionate as the other couples. They go through their typical nighttime routines and pray before bed. However, Neal reveals he is going to sleep next to his wife. Before the switch, he was sleeping on the couch.

“It’ll be a little odd,” Neal admits, but he wants to try it.

Dr. Dan and Dr. Jessica ask the couple to re-enact a fight they’ve had to work on their communication. Neal typically just withdraws from the situation, which makes Leah feel he doesn’t care. Neal feels as though she doesn’t like compromise. The doctors say they have the skills to communicate their issues effectively during arguments. They just need to actually talk about their problems instead of withdrawing or bottling things up.

Danielle and Eric Wolf

Danielle notes her relationship with CW was “a little more in-depth” than she expected, and she is a little nervous to go home. She and Eric greet each other with a big hug and start talking about what happened during the experiment. Eric reveals he took dance classes, much to Danielle’s excitement. However, they don’t get far into the conversation before Eric carries her into the bedroom.

Later, Eric describes the role-playing exercise that he did with Rachel and reveals everything he learned, which his wife is happy about. Danielle tells him how well she and CW got along, but Eric is a little worried about how much she likes CW.

Dr. Jessica and Dr. Dan visit and ask them to role play a recent fight. The doctors tell Danielle to rephrase her feelings and identify her specific emotions instead of just saying what her husband did wrong. Danielle says it was the best advice they ever received. Dr. Jessica also says they should develop a five-year plan.

danielle and cw Danielle and CW returned to their separate homes to find that their spouses had worked on communication issues while they were gone in "Seven Year Switch" Season 1, episode 7. Photo: FYI

Rachel Farris and CW McGee

“If this experiment showed CW he should be married to someone else, I would be devastated, but I do think that there is a possibility of that,” Rachel admits before seeing her husband.

When CW comes home, he doesn’t seem ready to leave his wife. He and Rachel share a big hug and kiss. He carries her to the bedroom and tells her he loves her.

Later, they go out to dinner and Rachel decides they should have a celebratory drink. She confronts him about drinking with Danielle even though they promised not to drink alcohol during the experiment. He claims that he didn’t drink with his experimental wife, but “Seven Year Switch” flashes back to a couple different occasions where the two had wine and margaritas.

“Can we strike, from any conversation, the drinking, since there was no drinking?” CW asks. Rachel agrees and says she is relieved. He tells the camera that he can’t tell her the truth because she is “sensitive.”

Dr. Dan and Dr. Jessica check in and ask the couple how they’re doing. They talk about how overjoyed they are, and CW focuses on Rachel’s developments. “It’s worrisome that CW is focusing so much on Rachel’s growth during the experiment. It’s almost as if he’s patronizing her which would indicate that he’s back to his controlling ways,” Dr. Jessica says.

The doctors wanted to “unmute” Rachel. She says that she knows to stand up for herself now. Still, the doctors worry CW won’t respond well to this. “We’ve decided together that if I say, ‘This is something I really need, I know you don’t feel up to it because you’re tired from work,’ we do it anyway,” Rachel explains. Dr. Dan and Dr. Jessica don’t know if CW can mute his dominant tendencies and actually let that work.

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