Four married couples started on “Seven Year Switch” Season 1, but not all of them remained married by the end of episode 8. The FYI reality show follows four couples as they switch spouses to see if they would be happier with a different partner. In the two-hour season finale, the couples decided if the experimental marriages saved their real relationships or they were still headed for divorce. Unfortunately, at least one couple didn’t make it.

Houston and Aleshia Osemwengie

This couple gets off to a rocky start in the “Seven Year Switch” finale. Aleshia discusses getting in touch with Neal, and Houston is concerned. However, he has a positive reaction to his jealousy. He decides that he is committed to showing her how much he loves her.

They go out with friends and describe the experiment. Houston says he realizes that time apart is not good for them. That’s why he decides to bring Aleshia into his DJ hobby. He teaches her how to use some of his equipment and Aleshia is grateful that he is finally letting her into his world.

He makes his wife a steak dinner and shows her his new tattoo. “He’s been so attentive to me,” she notes.

Experts Dr. Dan Shapiro and Dr. Jessica Griffin check in on the couple to see if the experiment worked for them. They are happy to hear that Aleshia and Houston have been spending more time together. In addition to doing fun activities together, they also have started doing some basic household chores together. They say that they’ve stopped taking each other for granted.

“I saw what life without her would be like, and that’s not something that I want,” Houston says. They wanted to stay together after the experiment.

Though it wasn’t included in the finale, the couple has more good news. According to People, Aleshia and Houston are pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

Eric and Danielle Wolf

Eric has actually come up with a five-year plan. He presents his wife with a rough draft, but Danielle worries that he didn’t include anything about their careers in the plan. She wants him to focus on his career goals. Eric knows that he has to search for a new job, but Danielle isn’t sure that they’ll have time for vacations and kids with their careers.

Danielle tells her friends about the experiment, and they are shocked. Danielle says she still feels guilty about taking a trip to Big Bear with her experimental husband CW. That was where she and Eric got married, so the vacation still feels disrespectful to her real marriage.

“Sometimes I have these moments of questioning about Eric, knowing that CW and I had an instant connection,” she admits.

Eric and Danielle went fishing to bond. “I just don’t understand why we don’t do this together more often,” Danielle says. Eric says that she is usually working, but he’ll try to ask her more often now.

The two almost get into a fight when Danielle wants to know what happened when Rachel went fishing with Eric. He says that they never fought and had a good time. Danielle wants more information though. She feels like his experimental wife made it sound like they had so much fun, but Eric insists that they were making the best out of a weird situation. Danielle wants to hear that he missed her, and she finally tells him that. He thought that was obvious and assures her that he would’ve rather been with his real wife.

Dr. Dan And Dr. Jessica check in and ask them about their experiences. Eric is thrilled with the results and Danielle agrees. “We’re closer than ever,” Danielle says. “We realized so much about each other and ourselves and I just feel like, how could we not just celebrate how great it went?”

After deciding to stay together, Eric goes to Danielle’s father and apologizes for never asking his permission to marry his daughter. Danielle’s dad says it’s OK, and he was glad they were married. Danielle is touched by the gesture and starts crying.

CW McGee and Rachel Farris

CW tells Rachel that he got a promotion and a raise, but he gets upset when Rachel isn’t super excited about success. CW admits that he is disappointed with her and notes that he does all of this work to support her career as a musician. She points out that he isn’t the only one doing work. She makes sure that he doesn’t have to do any work around the house. Her husband quickly decides that they should change the subject.

Rachel talks to a friend about the experiment and says that she discovered parts of herself that she didn’t know were there. “There was a little twinge in the back of my mind,” she says. “You know, like you do start to wonder sometimes, is there a better match?”

Rachel notes that she wouldn’t respect Eric as much as CW. She liked that he was a strong, dominant man. However, she says she can’t be silenced in her relationship. Despite saying she won't be muted by her husband, Rachel talks to CW about their argument about his promotion, and she apologizes to him for her reaction. She wants to support him.

When Dr. Dan and Dr. Jessica visit, they ask the couple to reenact a fight in front of them, but CW and Rachel refuse. He claims that they can’t keep bringing up old issues and dwell on the past.

“I don’t think CW and Rachel really understand the severity of the problems in their marriage,” Dr. Jessica says. “If they don’t start addressing these issues now, this is not a marriage that is not going to survive.”

Dr. Jessica recommends they see a couples’ therapist, but CW doesn’t think it would be “healthy” for them. The couple decides to stay together. “We’ve come so far, and we probably wouldn’t have had we not just taken the leap for the experiment,” Rachel explains.

The experts seem a little concerned that the couple is staying together because they aren’t sure they’ve worked through their issues yet. “CW and Rachel’s is a marriage I continue to be concerned about, particularly given our last meeting and how CW was so resistant to help his marriage,” Dr. Jessica says. “His resistance was again sort of very control and domineering and, I felt, disrespectful to his wife and all the work that they’ve done so far.” She hopes that they can work on their marriage and let Rachel have a voice in their relationship.

The two planned a recommitment ceremony. CW promised not to forget what they learned in the experiment, and Rachel said she would speak up while continuing to be his biggest supporter.

Seven Year Switch finale Aleshia and Neal came to different conclusions about their marriages in the "Seven Year Switch" Season 1 finale. Photo: FYI

Neal and Leah Carney

Neal tells his father that the experiment went well. He also reveals that he now wants kids, which surprises his dad. “I won’t be okay if Leah doesn’t want to have kids,” he reveals.

Neal and Leah go to their pastor and his wife for some counseling. Leah notes that she “loathed” the experiment. She feels like Neal is more withdrawn than ever, but Neal is happy with the switch. Neal says he is open to working on their relationship, but Leah doesn’t really believe him.

“He’s been done wrong so many times that at this point, he’s done,” Leah says. She claims that he said he wanted a divorce yesterday. She doesn’t know what Neal really wants because he keeps going back and forth. Leah confirms that she wants to work on their marriage, but Neal isn’t so sure. He realizes that not making a decision about their future is making their relationship even worse.

Leah tells a friend that the experiment didn’t necessarily make things better. She isn’t sure where they’re headed. “I’m done,” she says.

Dr. Jessica and Dr. Dan check in with the couple and it’s a tense meeting. “That couch looks like it could be molten lava,” Dr. Dan notes.

Neal blames the awkwardness on Leah withdrawing from the experience. “It has not been anything but hurtful,” she says of the switch therapy. She believes it made their marriage worse. She doesn’t think that Neal is invested in their marriage anymore.

Dr. Dan comments that they aren’t on the same page. Leah wants to put in more work, but Neal is ready to end their relationship. They reveal that they have talked about splitting up. “At this point in our relationship, I just don’t think it’s possible to reconcile,” Neal says.

Dr. Jessica notes that this doesn’t mean their experiment failed. They got “increased clarity” about the future of their relationship.

“I feel like it’ll be best for me to find the happiness that I’m looking for,” Neal says. Leah didn’t want to talk about life without her husband.

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