"Jeopardy host who put on a sexy voice for the newest Potpourri category."

The answer: Who is Alex Trebek?

Tuesday night’s Jeopardy episode featured a hot and steamy category titled “Sexiest Potpourri Ever,” a grab bag category of miscellaneous answers. However, this particular category has a twist, with sexy '70s and jazz music playing in the background as Alex Trebek put on his best seductive voice reading each answer. Each answer was spiced up with a seductive introduction turning ordinary answers into quite hilarious attempts at seduction:

“Let's turn the lights low and give thanks to this man who also gave the world the first industrial research lab.”

Contestants laughed as they gave their response. Trebek continued his seductive banter, emphatically responding with “Oh yes,” when a contestant got an answer right.

You can be sure that contestants will want to buzz in this category the next time it shows up.