Shameless season 4 finale spoilers What was the surprise ending of the Season 4 finale of "Shameless"? Photo: Shameless

Warning: Article below contains MAJOR spoilers of what happened during the Season 4 finale of “Shameless.”

Did that really just happen? We knew the Season 4 finale of “Shameless” was going to be good, but man, we totally weren’t prepared for what went down during the final scene of “Lazarus.”

Fans were given the surprise of a lifetime when Season 4 of the hit Showtime series concluded. No, we’re not talking about Fiona getting out of jail or Frank getting a new liver. We’re talking about what happened after the credits for episode 12 rolled.

In a post-credit scene, a woman driving in a mysterious car pulled up right outside the Gallagher residence. There she asked her male companion if he was going to enter the house.

Silently her companion starred at the home.

“Is this the right house?” she asked. “Jack?”

Right then “Shameless” revealed who the anonymous passenger was.

Fiona’s ex-boyfriend, Jimmy/Steve, who were all thought died during Season 3, is in fact very much alive.


In the shocking clip, Jimmy/Steve reveals he’s not going inside the home… tonight. Fiona’s ex and the woman drive off into the night, leaving us to scream furiously at our TV sets.

Why Is Jimmy/Steve Back? Check Out Our Theories Here!

Wasn’t Jimmy/Steve dead? How did he manage to survive the cruel wrath of Estefania’s father? We can’t wait to find out. And we’re not the only ones! Rossum explained she was just as surprised as fans when her former TV lover made his “Shameless” return.

Shortly after Jimmy/Steve was allegedly killed off, Rossum explained to TV Line that fans are supposed to assume he was dead.

“I take it that at the end of Episode 11, you’re to assume that he got on the boat and he’s not coming back,” she said. “We saw what happened to the last person who got on that boat. Remember? The first guy in the first episode, they chopped him up and they threw him off the boat.”

But even she had trouble believing Jimmy/Steve was gone for good.

“We’re supposed to assume that Jimmy is either gone to work for the family down in Brazil, or he’s done in Chicago,” Rossum hinted. Fans will find out for sure what happened to Jimmy/Steve when “Shameless” returns for Season 5. The drama was renewed for a 12 episode fifth season, set to air in 2015. That means we have a nice chunk of time to sit with the show’s shocking revelation.

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