"Sharknado 2: The Second One" premiered Wednesday night on Syfy, and along with the supernatural storm in the movie came a storm of fan reaction on Twitter. According to Nielsen, there were 581,000* tweets about the Syfy sequel. Those tweets were written by 188,000 unique authors, and were seen by "a unique audience" of 5.5 million people. Overall the sequel generated 67.2 million Twitter TV impressions.

That's 263,000 more tweets than the 318,000 sent out during the original "Sharknado" movie last year, an 83 percent increase!

Fans tweeted about everything from the campy dialogue and special effects to the numerous celebrity cameos and gory deaths. Celebrities and even the movie's stars got in on the fun. 

The high volume of Twitter reaction represents a big win for Syfy as the buzz about the original "Sharknado" was largely generated by the Twitter reaction to it. Syfy went to great lengths to capitalize on this with this year's sequel, featuring fan tweets in promos during the airing of the "Sharknado 2" premiere. The effort seems to have been a success as Syfy announced Thursday that it's greenlit "Sharknado 3" for release next year.

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*Tweets calculated +/- 3 hours of broadcast.