Good things come to those who wait. Syfy has announced plans to unleash a sequel to “Sharknado.” The forthcoming opus, which will be set in New York City, is due to be released on the network in 2014.

The film is currently going under the working title “Sharknado 2.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project is being developed by the Asylum, the same company that produced “Sharknado.”

"Every once in a while, there is a perfect storm -- on television,” Thomas Vitale, SyFy’s executive vice president of programming and original movies, said in a statement. “The fans are clamoring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel. What we can guarantee is that 'Sharknado 2' will be lots of fun. We’ll be announcing more details very soon. But we didn’t want our fans to worry they wouldn’t get their fill of more shark fin, I mean, fun next year."

Additionally, Syfy has announced a Twitter contest giving people a chance to name the sequel. To get involved, fans can simply tweet their submissions to @SyfyMovies using #Sharknado.

“Sharknado” originally aired on Syfy on July 11 and immediately caused a social media sensation, with celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Patton Oswalt, Elizabeth Banks and Mia Farrow tweeting about the film. Unfortunately for the network, this didn’t translate into ratings. As Bloomberg Businessweek points out, the film was watched by 1.369 million people, which is below the average of 1.5 million viewers which Syfy made-for-TV films typically attract.

The plot for “Sharknado,” which stars Ian Ziering (“Beverly Hills, 90210”) and Tara Reid (“American Pie”), centers around a freak tornado that scoops up man-eating sharks out of the ocean and deposits them onto land, causing the killer sharks to wreak havoc all over Los Angeles.

“Sharknado” will re-air on Syfy on Thursday at 7 p.m. ET.