It's now a case of she said, he said and who to believe. It's her word against his -- Sharon Bialek vs. Herman Cain.

She says he sexually harassed her, seeking sexual favors for professional favors.

He says through his campaign her claims are false.

She says Cain put a hand on her leg, up her skirt, and towards her genitals.

He says through his campaign her claims are false.

She says he grabbed (her) head and brought it towards his crotch.

He says through his campaign her claims are false.

She spoke at a New York press conference represented by a lawyer, Gloria Allred, who said she is disgusted at Mr. Cain's sexual harassment of women.

He spoke through his campaign, which issued a statement in the midst of the press conference saying, Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone.

So now comes the hard part: Who do we believe?

The woman, Bialek, is not seeking to file a lawsuit or claim, her attorney says. She simply wants Cain to make this right by coming clean about what she says he did.

Good luck with that.

Cain maintains the claims by Bialek are false -- that it's merely an unfair political attack with more pressing issues like national debt and high unemployment at hand.


But there's also the recent smoke which further suggests potential fire that the National Restaurant Association, for which Cain worked, settled a sexual harassment claim with a former employee years ago.

Cain said that was merely confusion, nothing more. And he was about to make it all go away, saying he's not talking about the issue anymore after offering little in the way of credible response. Mostly, it was just a steady stream of I don't recall responses that somehow he wriggled out of.

Until now.

I don't recall may not cut it anymore.

Sure, polls have shown most GOP voters don't care about the sexual harassment claims which have plagued Cain in the past week. But that was before Bialek stepped forward Monday with her claim, which amounts to something more like sexual assault as opposed to sexual harassment, if it truly happened.

We'll likely never know, since all we have to go on is her word against his.

She says he did it.

He said through his campaign the claims are false.

One thing we do know, however, is that after Bialek spoke out Monday, the sexual harassment issue against Herman Cain isn't about to go away, regardless of what he wants.