Hayley Atwell
Hayley Atwell speaks at a panel for the television series "Agent Carter" during the Disney ABC Television Critics Association press tour in July. Recently the actress expressed an interest in being the first female doctor on "Doctor Who." Reuters

The Venn diagram of “Agent Carter” fans and “Doctor Who” fans probably has quite a bit of overlap. That’s why people were so excited during the weekend to learn actress Hayley Atwell wants to be the first female Doctor on the hit British science fiction series.

During a Twitter Q&A last Friday, the actress was asked by one of her fans the same thing most British actors get asked at some point in their careers: “Would you like to be on ‘Doctor Who’?”

Rather than respond with the typical diplomatic answer about what an institution the 52-year-old series is, Atwell let her fan colors show and told the world she’s officially angling to be the first female to play the role.

For those unfamiliar with the “Doctor Who” mythos, here’s what you need to know: The show is about a space and time traveling alien named simply, The Doctor. His people, Time Lords, don’t die very easily. Anything that would be considered a mortal wound for the character ends up triggering a regeneration process that turns him into a new man with the old one’s memories. As a result of this gimmick, the show has used a whopping 13 men to play the character since episode one in 1963, ensuring the longevity of the series.

Since 2013, Peter Capaldi has played the character, but there will come a time when the actor steps down from the role and the series’ producers will be tasked with casting a new Doctor. When this topic comes up, inevitably fans ask the question: “What about a woman?”

Series showrunner Steven Moffat has been asked this question countless times. Most recently, a fan at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con posed the question to him, which, according to Vulture, he expertly dodged.

“Well, I think my opinion is fairly obvious from the show, isn't it? What [do] I think about the possibility and whether it would work or not? I think I've expressed myself about as clearly as I could, in the context of the show. If you're not reading the subtext, then I'll lend you. But believe me, some people aren't reading that subtext, 'cause it's too subtle."

While his answer wasn’t a definite “no,” he has said in the past that he neither wants to be the champion of the idea nor the one that shuts it down. However, he did establish in the latest season that a Time Lord can in fact regenerate into a different gender with the establishment of the character Missy (Michelle Gomez). In addition, Hitfix noted Moffat is not even thinking about a post-Capaldi series given that the actor has just finished his first season as the character.

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