Investigators are focusing their investigation for missing teen Sierra LaMar, 15, on a red Volkswagen Jetta that may be tied to her disappearance.

LaMar was kidnapped at 7:15 am while walking to get a bus to go to her high school on March 16. Investigators said she was likely the victim of an acquaintance abduction, reported CBS.

According to CBS San Francisco, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's office said Monday that a red car with a black hood similar to a late 1990's Volkswagen Jetta may have something to do with LaMar's disappearance.

Sheriff's Sgt. Jose Cardoza said the vehicle was seen at the time and place where LaMar went missing. He said surveillance cameras from busses and businesses spotted the car near evidence investigators found.

It was observed in the area where she was last seen on March 16, he told reporters according to KTUV. (It was seen) near her mom's house and near where some of the evidence was found. We're not going to say exactly where the car was observed.

During the day and time in the morning when Sierra disappeared; it was observed then, he said.  

Cardoza said the family did not have any information about the red car.

It's more than a coincidence, Cardoza said to the San Jose Mercury News. He said police did not have the car's license plate number and were unsure if LaMar was inside it.

Cardoza also said a handcuff box and used condoms found near her home were not associated with her disappearance, reported the Associated Press.

Information developed by sheriff's Investigators, supported by forensic examination and county crime lab reports, has assisted in furthering the investigation, Cardoza wrote in a press release, according to the Milpitas Patch. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office remains completely focused on locating Sierra LaMar and determining who is responsible for her disappearance.

A reward for information for the missing girl is set at $25,000.