The makers of the Simsimi iPhone and Android app are working to fix the crash problems that have been plaguing the wildly popular artificial intelligence conversation program.

Preventing crashes should make the world's 2.7 million Simsimi users happy, as the number-one complaint about the app has been that it crashes and fails to answer messages far too often.

Twitter is abuzz with messages from people who love the Simsimi iPhone and Android app, but the crashing issue has held it back from becoming an even bigger phenomenon, as Twitter user @naradakiss Tweeted on Monday: If simsimi didn't crash 50 leven times when u try to open it, itd be the GOAT [Greatest Of All Time] app.

Luckily, the app's South Korean creator and developer ISMaker is aware of the crash issues on iPhone and Android, and is working to fix them as quickly as possible.

Under the ISSUES NOW FIXING section of Simsimi's iTunes App Store page, the site has a list of problems with the app that it is trying to fix, and statuses for each issue including: Crashing: Fixed version will be updated shortly. The same message is also displayed on Simsimi's Android Market page.

Both the Simsimi iTunes App Store and Android Market pages go on to reveal that ISMaker is working to fix the following issues, and their individual statuses: Age rating: Considered in coming update, USER ID INITIALIZING PROBLEM: Just finding causes, and Language: English optimization is being processed.

The crash issues are the most annoying of the several problems with the Simsimi iPhone and Android app, because when it crashes users often have to restart the software or reboot their phones in order to get it to work properly once again.

Many people have complained that the crash issues on the Simsimi iPhone app--which is also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch--increased after it was updated on Jan. 11 to version 3.0, but it remains to be seen if the Simsimi Android app works has been improved as a result of its Jan. 23 update to version 3.6.1.

The Simsimi iPhone and Android app is a conversation program created in 2002 that uses artificial intelligence (or AI) to converse with human users.

The Simsimi iPhone and Android app draws on a base of about 10 million question-and-answer conversations to come up with what many users describe as the best conversation app they have ever used.

When a user sends a text to the Simsimi app on their iPhone or Android device, or communicates with it on their computer, the app responds by automatically scanning for related conversations in its massive database, then spitting out a relevant, and often hilarious, response.

Simsimi users say it provides a experience much like one they might have with a quick-witted and lightning-fast human texting buddy.

Twitter user @RayBabyRay explained in a Jan. 23 Tweet just how great she thinks Simsimi is: SimSimi can hold a better conversation than most people I text...

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