The lines are drawn in the debate over whether the Simsimi or Siri app is the better conversationalist.

Siri is the better-known and more versatile of the two, as every iPhone 4s comes equipped with the app, which not only has conversations about a wide range of topics, but also allows users to set alarms, look up directions and make calls without touching their phone.

But the Simsimi app may be the better conversationalist, though it can do nothing more than engage in conversational back-and-forths with users, who say it is a hilarious way to kill time. The Simsimi is app also available on Android devices and the iTunes computer program, meaning it is available to the majority of the computing public that does not own an iPhone 4s, unlike Siri.

Simsimi is a Korean artificial intelligence program created in 2002. The intelligence of the app is rooted in the more than 10 million conversations its 2.7 million users have had with the program, meaning that it has a wide bank of questions and answers to pepper into conversations.

Siri is also based in artificial intelligence technology, but it does not have the wide base of conversations that Simsimi users have provided, and as such many people believe it is not as fun or as good of a conversationalist as Simsimi is.

Jung-hoe Choi, the president of ISMaker  , the company that created Simsimi, explained to what makes his Simsimi app better than Siri at holding conversations.

Contrary to Simsimi, Siri of iPhone seems to show the answer made by programmers, he told the blog.

So the question remains. Simsimi or Siri: which app is the better conversationalist? You decide based on the below exchanges with each, as reported on

- If you tell Simsimi I love you, the app responds with such remarks as How many savings accounts do you have? Siri on iPhone instead responded to simsimi000 with Don't say that to other mobiles.

- If you ask Simsimi to marry you, the app responds I am seeing someone. Meanwhile, Siri on iPhone responds My End User Licensing Agreement does not cover marriage.

- If you ask Siri on iPhone how the weather is today, it may say Today is sunny and the temperature is going up to 21 degrees. Simsimi is not as helpful, but it is certainly more humorous, responding that you should call and ask the National Weather Service.

- Siri on iPhone has little knowledge of popular culture and politics, while Simsimi can draw on millions of conversations when conversing about these topics, making it a better conversationalist in such areas. For instance, if you ask Simsimi What is your favorite Kanye West album? you get the hilarious response, Hold on I'm going to let you finish but Herman Cain had one of the best campaigns of the year.

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