Siri for iPhone 4S: you know the tool that acts as a voice-activated personal assistant catering to your every need? Wrong. More like the built-in tool for personal entertainment, as many users mess around with it, or record videos of two Siris talking back and forth.

As soon as the Apple iPhone 4S was released on Friday, users began to experiment with the speech-recognition tool known as an incredible taste of the future, asking it crazy questions. Amused by the responses from Siri, many iPhone 4S users posted their results on Web sites like Sh*t That Siri Says and Siri Funny,

Exclusively available on the iPhone 4S, which has sold a record 4 million or more devices, Siri comes pre-loaded on the device for use by holding down the home button. Users can give Siri full commands which it will then perform automatically and effortlessly. Apple's virtual assistant Siri can help its users write and send texts, set reminders, schedule meetings, play music, and more.

Or if you prefer to goof around with the app, find a friend with an iPhone 4S as the best gag on the Siri assistant so far is a YouTube video of two Siris talking, confusing each other.