A Danish coffee machine maker is ready to launch an iOS powered coffee maker called the TopBrewer in January, and it's the epitome of modern living if not a minimalist dream. Made by a company called Scanomat, the TopBrewer machine sits under a counter top with only one stainless steel neck curving out above the surface. It can be powered by an iPhone or iPad and makes up to four cups per minute, complete with milk foamer and self-cleaning dispenser. Scanomat invented the first fully automatic cappuccino machine in the early 1980s, tech blog Mashable reported.

Scanomat CEO Kim Vibe-Petersen said the idea for the TopBrewer's inner workings were knocking around in his head for a while, until he woke up one day with the idea for a tiny milk foamer. The TopBrewer's tap is made from 80% recycled stainless steel and is easy to install because you only need two holes in the counter top, one for the neck and one for the drain.

Using an iOS app to keep your kitchen counter clear, just tap your iDevice and you can control the machine, track how many cups were made and stock up on more coffee beans by ordering right from your device. The app connects your device to the machine over a bluetooth connection, but there will also be an LCD touch keyboard available if you don't have an iOS device. For now, however, it's being made for restaurants and coffee shops, but the company is working on a consumer version. They're mum on when it will be out or how much it will cost, but they are testing out the commercial version now.

When the final version is ready, it will be able to make all milk-based coffee drinks, steam and separate adapter to make cold drinks. It will also be energy efficient because it goes from standby to ready-to-brew in only 45 seconds. Tell us in the comments if this is going on your holiday list for next year.