Last week, Apple's Siri for iPhone 4S ignited a firestorm when the personal assistant failed to locate local abortion clinics.

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and all jumped on the glitch, which Apple insisted was purely accidental, pointing to the broader implications of the error on women and the pro-life, pro-choice debate.

Testing the Abortion Clinic Glitch

CBS News reporter Chenda Ngak even tested out Siri's politics by trying a couple fo sample questions to see what response Apple's favorite app would give.

Ngak found that although Siri would sometimes give non-answers to things like where can I find a men's health clinic, these gaps in information were accompanied by an automatic Google search to help users out.

When Siri was asked about abortion clinics, terminating a pregnancy, or even simply where can I get the morning after pill, however, no Google search was pulled up.

Five More Tech Controversies

Though Apple's gaffe is almost certainly unintentional, the abortion clinic controversy has prompted a huge backlash for the company.

The response is especially damaging with the amount of press Apple gave the Siri app for its new iPhone 4S, and the other problems (outages, incorrect answers) the personal assistant has stumbled over in the past.

But Apple isn't the only company to make such a PR mess out of one of their most hyped and popular products.

For decades, tech companies like HP have launched products they were sure would be instant hits... only to be horrified at a public backlash caused by politically incorrect or downright offensive glitches added in completely by accident.

Here, see five more PR gaffes big tech companies have pulled, from Blackberry ignoring women to HP's racist webcam.