The Browns are back! On Sunday, Sept. 13, the beloved family, starring on TLC’s hit series “Sister Wives,” will return to the small screen for the show’s anticipated two-hour Season 6 premiere. And according to the synopsis for the upcoming installment, the new season will be stuffed with even more drama as the plural clan struggles with Meri and Kody’s divorce.

The summary explains that the new season will pick up right where the Season 5 finale left off – with Meri revealing to Kody and her fellow sister wife Robyn that she was going to divorce her husband of 24-years so that the Brown patriarch could legally wed Robyn. If Robyn and Kody were to be married in the eyes of the law, then Robyn’s children – from her previous marriage – would have a better chance at being adopted by Kody. But as selfless as Meri’s decision is, it’ll come with repercussions.

“Kody and the sister wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – are at a crossroads in their relationship,” the synopsis for Season 6 begins. “While the divorce form Kody was supposed to be just a document shuffle, it has become nothing like what the family thought it would be.” Due to the abrupt change made in the family, Kody and his sister wives will “struggle to figure out how to move forward.”

Part of that battle can be seen in the trailer for the impending installment. In the lengthy promo video, viewers get a glimpse into the complicated lives of the sister wives as Meri tells Robyn that her divorce from Kody is final.

“I haven’t told Kody yet,” Meri admits to Robyn who is surprised to hear that the news was broken to her first.

“You should probably do that,” Robyn replies. “You should have had him here instead of me.”

The trailer then cuts to a scene of Robyn in a confessional saying how “awkward” it was that Meri confided in her instead of Kody. “This isn’t proper,” the fourth wife concludes.

But despite all the turmoil surrounding Meri and Kody’s divorce, the family will also face new, exciting moments in Season 6 – like the announcement of Robyn’s pregnancy. In June, Kody and Robyn confirmed that they were expecting their second child together.

“We are so happy to announce an eagerly expected new member of the Brown family!” the couple said in a statement to Us Weekly.

Viewers will also watch as Kody attempts to bond with his youngest daughters in the Season 6 premiere by taking them on a trip to the beach. 

"Sister Wives" will return with its Season 6 premiere on Sunday, Sept. 13, at 9 p.m. EDT, which will be followed by “Best of Sister Wives Tell All” special​, set to begin at 10 p.m. EDT.