“Sister Wives” star Meri Brown is setting the record straight once and for all. On Sunday, the TLC reality darling addressed her thousands of followers on Twitter, sharing her recent thoughts about the criticism that she and her plural family have encountered since the hit series aired its Season 5 finale in March.

“Addressing negativity is not something I make a habit of doing on social media, but with the backlash that some of our family is currently receiving, I have chosen to speak up,” Meri began her lengthy proclamation that focused on the “extreme hatred” being directed toward her fellow sister wife, Robyn.

In the Season 5 finale of “Sister Wives,” it was revealed that Meri had decided to divorce Kody, her husband of 24 years, so that Robyn, the newest sister wife, could legally wed the Brown patriarch. The legal marriage between Robyn and Kody would mean that the children from Robyn’s previous marriage might have a chance at getting adopted by Kody.

“I’m not going to lie ... it is a little bit scary for me doing this divorce,” Meri confessed during the episode. “And having it really be for nothing as far as the possibility of not being able to adopt the kids.”

But despite Meri’s fears, she bravely signed the papers to begin the divorce process, which fans will watch being finalized in the Season 6 premiere of “Sister Wives,” set to premiere on Sunday, Sept. 13.

While Robyn and the rest of the Browns were supportive of Meri’s decision, some fans of the show were not. Those displeased with the family's decision let their concerns (like Robyn “taking” Meri’s “position”) known to the Brown clan through social media outlets. In fact, some viewers even went as far as to ridicule Robyn’s pregnancy, which was announced in June.

“We are so happy to announce an eagerly expected new member of the Brown family!” the couple said in a statement to People magazine, adding that Kody’s 18th child of the polygamist family would be due in Jan. 2016.

Meri confronted those bullying her sister wife, telling them that their ghastly comments “disappoint and sadden” her.

“This extreme hate and negativity that I have seen concerning her and this baby is frankly, quite disgusting,” the mother of Mariah said. “I am very much looking forward to a new little Capricorn in January.”

Kody’s now-spiritual wife went on to add that she loves both Robyn and her children. “My life has been blessed by them,” she stated, explaining that viewers may be led to a certain conclusion do to the heavy editing on the show. “You all know TV is edited to be the most compelling,” she added, implying that a lot of what happens between the family members is cut out of the series for time purposes.

Meri’s only child also took to Twitter to confront those verbally attacking her family, warning bullies that she won’t stand for their hateful comments.

“Sister Wives” will return to the small screen with a two-hour Season 6 premiere that will unveil all the drama that’s gone down since the finale. According to the synopsis for the upcoming installment, Kody and the sister wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – will find themselves “at a crossroads in their relationship” following Meri’s divorce from the Brown patriarch. “So much has changed and the whole family struggles to figure out how to move forward," the summary concluded.

“Sister Wives” will return with a two-hour television event on Sunday, Sept. 13, at 9 p.m. EDT, starting with the Season 6 premiere and concluding with the special installment “Best of Sister Wives Tell All.”