Three sisters were ejected from King of Prussia mall in Pennsylvania after refusing to remove profanity-laced hats that displayed their hatred of breast cancer.

Zakia and Tasha Clark, both of Philadelphia, were shopping at King of Prussia for funeral dresses, the Associated Press reports. Their mother, 51-year-old Jackie Underwood, had passed away last Tuesday after a battle with breast cancer. However, Zakia and Tasha — along with a third sister named Makia Underwood — were asked to leave by mall security over their decision to wear hats emblazoned with the profane slogan “F— Cancer.”

Each hat displayed “F— Cancer” in pink lettering, with a pink ribbon strategically placed to obscure the phrase, AP reports. Although the hats weren't overtly vulgar, King of Prussia mall officials felt that they were inappropriate for a family setting.

"The logo, the saying, is the only expression that I feel is strong enough to defeat the word, defeat the disease," Zakia Clark told local ABC affiliate WPVI. "I said, 'I'm not leaving. I spend money here and I'm not going to leave,'" she added.

Clark’s reaction was enough to draw the ire of a King of Prussia security guard, who harshly rebuked the sisters before ejecting them from the mall. "He said, 'You know what? Shut your mouth. That was your cue to stop shopping.' So I removed my hat."

Despite the sisters’ acquiescence, they were still asked to leave the mall. The entire exchange was caught on camera, WPVI reports.

In a statement to WPVI, King of Prussia manager Robert Hart expressed his condolence for the Clark sisters’ loss, but reiterated that their hats were inappropriate for a family setting. "King of Prussia Mall would first like to express its condolences to the young women regarding the loss of their mother,” Hart said. “King of Prussia Mall is a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness and other important causes however, the mall is first and foremost a family destination.”

The ejected sisters noted that several of the mall’s stores have vulgar shirts on display. According to WPVI, one such shirt featured the phrase “F— You.”

"To say they don't want that in their mall, but they sell it ... it just wasn't right," Makia Underwood said. "It wasn't right to kick us out, and you sell things with curse words on them."