L’Wren Scott tragically passed away by her own hand Monday, but entertainment site crazydaysandnights.net predicted her death days in advance. The website, which includes blind items, wrote a post about the 49-year-old designer, and on Tuesday confirmed it was referring to her.

The post stated, in part:

“She is not dead, or at least don’t think she is dead. I think people would say something if she died although she has disappeared from the face of the earth and no one is saying much of anything right now. She is a C list celebrity but is A list in her own little corner of the celebrity world.

Her boyfriend is a permanent A-lister and has been cheating on her almost every day for the past month which also adds fuel to the fire. They used to be inseparable. Now they are not only separated but he is having his way with groupies and celebrities and other people taller than him.”

On Monday, the  6-foot, 4-inch former model was found by her assistant hanging by a scarf, and it is unclear if she left a note behind. It was later revealed that Scott was more than $6 million in debt and refused to take money from her boyfriend, Mick Jagger. She was a notable name in the fashion industry, after launching her first collection, “Little Black Dress,” in 2006. Red carpet starlets such as Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker have all worn her dresses to the Academy Awards.

The 70-year-old Rolling Stones front man wrote a letter thanking fans for their support during this terrible time on his website www.mickjagger.com Tuesday. “I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way,” Jagger wrote.

“We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves. She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me. I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received. I will never forget her, Mick.”