After eight long months of anticipation, "Sleepy Hollow" returns to the small screen on Monday, with a brand new second season. And luckily for fans, we’ll finally get some answers to the burning questions that our favorite Fox supernatural series left us with after the cliffhanger of a Season 1 finale.

“The Indispensable Man” and “Bad Blood” had our jaws on the floor from start to finish of the two-part Season 1 finale. Catch up with a recap before episode 1, "This Is War," premieres at 9 p.m. EDT:

The first part of the Season 1 finale focused around Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) attempting to unlock a secret message in George Washington’s Bible. The Bible allegedly had instructions leading to a map, coveted by the evil Moloch. According to the plot, Washington was resurrected by a group of warlocks, including the Rev. Knapp. Once he was brought back from the dead, the first president of the United States drew up a map, which detailed the trek from the spirit world to Earth. No wonder Moloch wanted to get his hands on it!

“Zombie George Washington ... That takes the cake,” Abbie said of the Founding Father returning from the dead. But Ichabod couldn’t care less about the spooky situation. All he could think about was getting ahold of the map and freeing his wife, Katrina (Katie Winter), from Purgatory. That’s when the two meet up with Henry Parrish (John Noble) for a little grave digging.

After they tracked down Washington’s Masonic crypt and fought off a newly dead Andy (John Cho), the three made it out alive with the map. That when Abbie began to see the wheels spinning in Ichabod’s head and started to worry that the prophecy of Ichabod’s betrayal might come true since his obsession with saving Katrina kicked in. To prove his loyalty, Ichabod burned the map -- but not before memorizing it with his photographic abilities.

The first hour of the "Sleepy Hollow" finale concluded with Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) behind bars. During episode 13, the Captain confessed to the murders of a reverend and police officer -- which he didn’t commit -- after his daughter became the prime suspect for the brutal deaths.

The second half of the finale, “Bad Blood,” began with Henry having a vision of Moloch summoning the Horseman of War, who would ride with his flaming sword during a solar eclipse. And as it turned out, there happened to be a solar eclipse occurring that very night. The three concocted a plan to prevent War from coming, but in order to cast a spell to stop him they needed a witch. They sprung into action to free Katrina from Purgatory with a little help from the map Ichabod remembered. Needless to say, Abbie wasn’t too keen on hearing her partner had betrayed her like this.

Before the two headed into Purgatory, Henry warned them that if they drink or eat anything that they would be trapped in the limbo-like realm … forever. When they arrive, Abbie and Ichabod both experience very personal, lifelike situations. But the two managed to snap out of the alternate reality when delicious dessert and drinks were presented to them. They found Katrina, who revealed the only way she’d be able to leave Purgatory was if someone took her place. Abbie agreed to be that person only if Katrina would free her after she cast her spell in the real world.

During Abbie’s time in Purgatory she fought off Moloch and then found herself in a scene straight out of “Are You Afraid of the Dark”? When Abbie and Jenny ran into Moloch 13 years ago he took away their memories of what happened that night and hid them in purgatory -- that is until Abbie found them hidden throughout the Dollhouse that resembled her room as a child.

While Abbie was playing the creepiest game of dollhouse ever, Jenny was facing her own demons and uncovered the meaning behind Moloch’s mysterious warning: “The Saint’s name is a sign.” As Jenny called Abbie to warn her, the Headless Horseman showed up and shot the wheel of her car -- flipping the vehicle over countless of times.

In the final moments of the "Sleepy Hollow" Season 1 finale, Katrina was unable to cast a spell forbidding War from making his fiery debut ... because he was already there. Yep, Henry was revealed to be War! He tied up Katrina and Ichabod to the white trees with his magic and revealed that not only was he the Horseman of War, but he’s also their son. He was buried by Katrina’s coven nearly 200 years ago and was saved by Moloch, then resurrected as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. When he came back he wandered around and took the name from the sign of a church he found (St. Henry’s Parish). That’s the sign Jenny found moments before she was attacked by the Headless Horseman.

In the last seconds of the finale Henry handed his mother over to the Headless Horseman and buried his own father alive in a casket. Now that’s how you end a season!

Where will Season 2 pick up? Well, according to the synopsis for the premiere episode, Ichabod and Abbie will find a way to free themselves from the devastating predicaments they were left in when we last saw them. But once they escape from being buried alive and locked away in Purgatory they'll realize Katrina and Jenny have gone missing.

“The Two Witnesses have not abandoned their quest to fight tirelessly against Moloch and his minions. Meanwhile, Moloch’s malevolent forces use all the powers at their disposal in an attempt to locate a key -- once belonging to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin -- which is capable of unlocking the gates of Purgatory,” the summary teases. Sin-Eater Henry Parish will learn of a valuable artifact in the premiere episode, according to the synopsis, but he won’t be the only one after the treasure. Ichabod has more incentive than ever to find Franklin's key first to use it to re-enter Purgatory in “order to fulfill a promise."

What are you most looking forward to when “Sleepy Hollow” returns with its Season 2 premiere on Monday, Sept. 22, at 9 p.m. EDT?