Slow Bros. is taking its time in perfecting its upcoming adventure game “Harold Halibut” which is slated for a 2018 release.

The video game is touting itself as a “handmade adventure game,” and it is right by saying handmade, since the Slow Bros. people are painstakingly making every piece of the game out of real materials.

The lead character, Harold, is made of clay and the same can be said of the other characters of the spaceship-set video game.

On the game’s official blog, behind-the-scenes photographs show the team knitting and sewing Harold’s clothing by hand.

Additionally, the team behind the upcoming game also shared on the blog that the idea behind “Harold Halibut” came to them during a dinner table conversation while talking about the adventure video games they used to play when they were still kids.

The gruelling process of crafting the sets and the props is featured in the teaser released by the “Harold Halibut” team on YouTube in July.

The teaser also came with the game’s description which read: “Join Harold Halibut in his clumsy undertakings on an ark-like spaceship trapped inside of a planet made of water. Underwater atmosphere, self-reflective humor and contemporary mechanics make up the foundation of this adventure game created entirely out of craft supplies.”

According to Rock Paper Shotgun, Harold is the resident janitor who will muster his courage to help the spaceship’s captain and the other people who are also trapped inside.

Based on the teaser, the inside of the spaceship looks dark and mysterious, and this could be a hint on the kind of adventure Harold is embarking once the game officially arrives.

Slow Bros. is planning to release “Harold Halibut” for the PS4 and Xbox One. The studio is also providing support for Windows PC and Macs, as per Engadget.

The official release date of the video game is still unknown as of late, but the studio is determined to launch it sometime in 2018.