Snapchat’s update could spell trouble for lovers who are suspicious of their partners. The ephemeral picture-messaging app shows users who their “best friends” are, which means others can see who someone snaps the most. After the latest revision, people will not have access to best friends anymore with the introduction of Discover and some insecure partners are apparently not happy about it.

“Discover is different because it has been built for creatives. All too often, artists are forced to accommodate new technologies in order to distribute their work. This time we built the technology to serve the art: Each edition includes full-screen photos and videos, awesome long-form layouts and gorgeous advertising,” the company wrote on its blog.

“Discover is new, but familiar. That’s because stories are at the core -- there’s a beginning, middle and end so that editors can put everything in order. Every edition is refreshed after 24 hours -- because what’s news today is history tomorrow,” Snapchat said. “Discover is fun and easy to use. Tap to open an edition, swipe left to browse Snaps, or swipe up on a Snap for more. Each channel brings you something unique -- a wonderful daily surprise!”

While Snapchat is touting Discover’s greatness, Twitter users are worried about the best friend feature disappearing.

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