Pregnancy rumors have been swirling around Jersey Shore star Snooki, formally known as Nicole Polizzi, as of late. Rumor has it that the pint-sized reality star is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Though some are debating the legitimacy of this gossip (after all, there were pregnancy rumors just a few weeks ago that Snooki herself shot down), TMZ is attesting that Snook is, in fact, pregnant.

TMZ reported on Friday that Snooki is taking her pregnancy very seriously. She is prepping for her baby with a major transformation - morphing herself from a drunken party girl into a responsible mom-to-be. The Web site reported that sources close to the MTV star said that ever since Snooki discovered she was pregnant, she quit drinking, quit screwing around ... and has convinced the people around her that she could develop into 'mother of the year.'

Snooki apparently comes from a close-knit family and is particularly tight with her mother. She supposedly understands all that it takes to be a good mom and is prepared to do just that.

TMZ also reported that Snooki's Jersey Shore spin-off show with JWoww is the last hurrah. The two girls are currently filming in Jersey City and sources close to the production told TMZ that the show will portray a more adult, more sophisticated side to the Jersey girls.

The two will supposedly move into an adult apartment and take the next step in their relationships with their boyfriends, Snooki's boyfriend LaValle and JWoww's boyfriend Roger Mathews. Though neither male will star in the show, both will reportedly be key to the plotline.

Snooki was spotted filming her spin-off show wearing a noticeably flowy leopard print top. The Daily Mail was the first to take notice of the baggy top, citing it as uncharacteristically loose fitting clothing that gave her upper body no shape. Snooki has been wearing much more form-fitting clothing ever since she shed the extra weight and dropped down to 98-pounds.  

As for Nicole Polizzi herself, she has not yet addressed the latest pregnancy rumors.

The reality star has taken some time to tweet about the newest season of Jersey Shore and ask her Twitter fans to give her a 10 rating as the hottest Guidette in the Match Game, on the Snooki Match Facebook app.