Norway holds the lead atop the medal count with seven medals so far at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, but which country will capture the most medals by the time the Winter Olympics are over? The only way to keep track of the frenzy in Russia is to find real-time standings of the Olympic games.

This is how the medal count is shaping up on Monday as of 10 a.m. EST:



But the Olympics are still in its opening days, with a full slate of competitions until Feb. 23. And for those who don’t want to rely on NBC’s time-delayed coverage of the Sochi games, here are a few options to go to for real-time medal count updates:

·         Find the Data

Not only does Find the Data have a real-time medal count, but you can also view how many medals a country has throughout every Olympics. Find the Data also provides in-depth information for each country, including population, total medals per million people and a list of each country’s Olympic athletes.

·         NBC

The network may be on time delay for its coverage of the 2014 games, but the peacock’s website has a real-time medal count that it's calling “The Medals Race.”


Not near a computer? You can download this iOs app that gives real-time medal count updates on your iPhone or iPad.

·         Google “Medal Count,” which brings up real-time medal standings. Google ranks countries by total gold medals, not how many medals each country receives. So while some sources list Norway as the leader (two gold medals, one silver and four bronze medals), Google has Canada as the country in first place since it has 2 silver medals -- 1 more than Norway.