Famecount.com, the social media statistics service, has revealed that the reformed rapped Eminem is quickly gaining popularity on Facebook. With 28,883,000 'likes' on the social networking site, Eminem overtook Lady Gaga with 28,872,000 to be termed the most 'Liked' living artist.

However, Eminem, whose real name is Marshal Marthers, has a long way to go before he beats the pop singer in totality. On Twitter for instance, Gaga leads Eminem by over 5 million followers.

Earlier this week Famecount announced that Eminem has touched the one billion views mark.

At Famecount, we have watched Eminem's social media fame explode over the last 6 months, Daniel Dearlove, founder of Famecount, said in an statement on Eminem's YouTube milestone released on Monday, Feb. 26.

Although Eminem did reach the elite musician club in terms of social media by hitting the one billion views mark on YouTube, the rapper still trailed behind Justin Biber with 1.3 billion views and Lady Gaga with 1.189 billion views.

Social media statistics have become a crucial tool in assessing the popularity of celebs and public figures after these sites emerged as huge marketing and PR tools since 2009. On the flip side, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube among other sites have redefined the way marketing, PR campaigns, damage control work. When it comes to celebrities in particular, these platforms provide the grounds for fans to actually follow their celebrities eliminating the need to rely on reports and rumors, thus satisfying satisfy the fans, stalkers as well as news junkies.

According to the statistics collected by Famecount, Lady Gaga reigns the social media with 28,886,499 Facebook fans, 8,397,686 Twitter Followers and 1,198,712,174 YouTube Views.

President Barack Obama dominates the politicians category, Starbucks topped the Brands list while Family Guy took the TV category.

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