Sofia Vergara left quite an impression on the stage of Saturday Night Live as she delivered her humorous monologue in a tight black strapless mini-dress Saturday.

The Modern Family star hosted the show for the first time and based her introduction on her Colombian roots.

I never dreamed I would be here in New York City, she said. I always heard that immigrants had a hard life when they came to America, but when I showed up here everyone was so nice. The men brought me drinks; they offered me a place to sleep.

This country welcomed me with open arms and pulled down pants, she said before the audience broke down in laughter.

The actress also made a reference to her Modern Family co-star Ed O'Neill. Growing up in Colombia, it was every girl's dream to grow up and marry Al Bundy, she said about her on-screen husband.

Playing on her Colombian accent, Vergara said that she could make anything sound sexy -- Gonorrhea, Rick Santorum, New Jersey.

Forgive me if you cannot understand what I say and I will forgive you for staring at my chest all night, she concluded before calling the band One Direction to the stage.

Twitter Reactions

On Twitter people had mixed reactions to Vergara's SNL appearance. The general trend showed that she was much more popular with the men:

I wish Sofia Vegara could have been one of my professors. Her voice/accent makes everything entertaining, said Elissa Sanchez.

SNL was atrocious Sofia Vegara is like a 50's Pin-Up cyborg WOWZERZ. Sweet jeebus that woman is built for speed. Also OMG HI TWIT BUDDIES, tweeted Justin

I'm sure the skits on SNL would be funnier if I could understand Sofia Vegara #badaccent tweeted Adam Sanchez.

 Sofia Vergara looks amazing on SNL. She doesn't even have to be funny but I know she will be, said Rashaud Thomas

If anything is worth watching SNL for, it's Sofia Vergara. That woman is just amazing, Tweeted Sparkasm.

Every time Sofia Vegara mispronounces a word for laughs, she donates a dollar to the Desi Arnaz estate, said Mike Anton.