We’ve seen our fair share of twist and turns on the hit FX series “Sons of Anarchy.” But we have to say, none of those jaw-dropping moments even come close to the drama that will occur when the seventh and final season of “SOA” airs this fall.

According to rumors, the Season 7 premiere of “SOA” will surely surprise fans when Kurt Sutter does the unthinkable. Instead of killing off a main character in episode 1, the mastermind behind the motorcycle thriller will actually be bringing someone back to life. Oh yeah, we’re talking about a flashback!

Flashbacks are quite uncommon to see within the plot of “Sons of Anarchy.” Like The Examiner reported, it isn’t Sutter’s style to revisit a scene from his long-running series. That’s why the director will give fans a fresh look from a different perspective when the show looks back at its most controversial scene: Tara’s death.

Reports have insisted that the premiere of Season 7 will begin weeks before Tara’s death, which means we get to revisit the bloody scene all over again.

In the final 10 minutes of episode 13, “A Mother’s Work,” we watched Gemma, in a drunken state, take matters into her own hands when she (falsely) learns that Tara had ratted on her son—causing Jax to go to prison.

In a state of fury, Gemma hits Tara in the head with an iron then aggressively walks her disorientated daughter-in-law toward the sink. She shoves Tara’s head below the dirty water but decides that Jax’s wife needs to die a more painful death. So, the brutal Gemma grabs none other than a meat carving fork and starts jabbing Tara in the back of the head. The crunch it made going into Tara’s skull was almost to much too handle.

Eventually, Tara stops struggling. That’s when Gemma pulls the dead woman out of the sink only to leave the kitchen looking like a—well, murder scene.

Since the gruesome scene ended, we’ve been trying to figure out how Jax will respond to his mother killing his wife. Will he end up killing Gemma? Or perhaps cut her out of his life? Maybe Gemma will devise a plan that ultimately blames someone else. But whatever the outcome is—we know Jax is going to begin Season 7 with the blood of Tara’s supposed murderer on his hands.

What do you think will happen when Season 7 premiere this fall? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.