“Sons of Anarchy” will be returning to the small screen come September 2014. So, you may want to brace yourself now. According to reports, your favorite SAMCRO boys will be bringing a lot of drama with them this season.

Season 7 will be “Sons of Anarchy’s” last, so you know Kurt Sutters will be pulling out all the stops during the reaming stint of the hit FX series—including casting a real-life Hells Angel as a season regular. Deadline reports that David Labrava, who plays the role of Happy, has been promoted to a series regular character for the last season of “Sons of Anarchy.”

Who is Happy? Happy Lowman is Enforcer for the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. What that means is he’s the guy who carries out the gang’s murders. Each time Happy kills someone, he has a happy face tattooed on himself—hence the nickname. Originally, Happy was affiliated with the Tacoma, Washington chapter but later on became nomadic. However, when Season 6 made its debut, Happy became an official member of the Redwood Original and is now the Sergeant-at-arms for the mother chapter.

What’s so controversial about Sutters casting a Hells Angel? Well, Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is considered to be an organized crime syndication, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Due to the criminal activities and incidents, Hells Angels are classified by numerous police and intelligence agencies as one of the “big four” motorcycle gangs, along with the Pagans, Outlaws and Bandidos.

Although members of the club suggest assert they are a group of motorcycle enthusiast who enjoy organizing social events, the amounts of accused crimes and convicted felonies say otherwise.

But hey, Sutters is no stranger to controversy. Just recently the creator/actor started a feud with Jason Hervey, the executive producer behind “The Devils Ride.” The blunt screenwriter began the Twitter war by bashing the Discovery Channel show on his personal account.

“Is ‘Devil’s Ride’ still on?” Sutter questioned his followers about the show that’s now on its third season. “My thespians are harder than these B------. Don’t take my word, ask any OMC in the f---ing world.”

“Man, you talk s---. You put your cast in front of you, but not you? EP Vs. EP. Anytime. Get yours, will get mine,” Hervey relpied after Sutters dissed his weight.

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