“Sons of Anarchy” will be premiering its final season in the fall of 2014. To help fans prepare for the Charming boy’s last hurrah, we’ve decided to round up the eight bloodiest moments of “SOA” history. Come on, if you think Season 7 won’t be a bloodbath, you’re sadly mistaken. If we’ve learned anything about Kurt Sutters, the creator of the acclaimed FX series, it’s that he’s a big fan of cringeworthy gore.

So, you might want to stop eating now because things are about to get—well, gross.

1. “J'ai Obtenu Cette” (Season 5, Episode 13): This episode left us speechless — no pun intended — when we watched Otto violently bite off his own tongue to prevent snitching on SAMCRO. That, my friends, is loyalty.

2. Giving Back” (Season 1, Episode 5): Fire or knife? That was the ultimatum Kyle Hobart was given after it was revealed that the excommunicated member hadn’t performed the club’s mandate of removing his Sons of Anarchy back tattoo. The sight of Kyle getting his back burned to a crisp sent chills up our spines.

3. “Aon Rud Persanta” (Season 6, Episode 11): We’ve been waiting for Clay’s death since the minute his grizzly face made its debut on “SOA.” But even so, we we’re still shocked when Jax executed his stepfather by shooting him in the throat. Although his death wasn’t surprising, it still was a gross scene to watch as blood splattered and bubbled from his throat. 

4. “A Mother’s Work” (Season 6, Episode 13): Unlike Clay’s death, Tara’s was pretty brutal. Gemma could have clearly drowned Tara in the dirty dishwater, but instead Jax’s mom took it a step further and decided to stab her son’s lover in the head with a fork. The sound the kitchen utensil made going into the back of Tara’s skull was utterly chilling.

5. “Laying Pipe” (Season 5, Episode 3): This “SOA” death was particularly hard for fans, seeing as Opie was one of the most beloved characters of the series. Not only to us, but to Jax, who had to watch the braining of his best friend helplessly.

6. "Sovereign" (Season 5, Episode 1): If you mess with Damon Pope, you get burned — literally. That’s what happened to Tig’s daughter when the payback-seeking gangster lit poor Dawn on fire in vengeance for his own child’s death. The worst part of this scene was Tig’s screams as he was forced to watch his daughter burn alive in a pit. Truly traumatizing.

7. “Albification” (Season 2, Episode 1): One of the most soul-crushing scenes of the series is the violation of SAMCRO’s mother figure, Gemma. Jax’s mother is lured out of the safety of her car when a mother pleads for Gemma’s help to save her choking child. She’s the knocked unconscious and dragged to an abandoned warehouse where she’s raped and kept captive.

8. The entire Season 6: We could go on and on, bullet-pointing each gruesome moment. But let’s be real—“Sons of Anarchy” is just a bloody mess of a show! Here’s to all the vicious killings in Season 6 and to more nail-biting moments in Season 7.