Sony and Comcast are working together to open a unique co-branded retail experience in the Comcast Center: Sony Style Comcast Labs.

The co-branded retail store and technology lab conceived the idea as a destination where consumers could learn about emerging technologies and experience new digital devices.

“Consumer electronics are becoming increasingly advanced, and the strategy behind the Sony Style stores has always been to create a comfortable environment where consumers interact with and educate themselves about the latest technology,” said Stan Glasgow, president and COO of Sony Electronics in the U.S.

The new initiative store will open tomorrow showcasing the latest innovative products and services from both companies and preview future Comcast technology, products and services.

Sony Style Comcast Labs feature the best of Sony’s electronics and the most innovative service offerings from Comcast such as high definition LCD televisions, VAIO Electronics, camcorders, PSP, cameras and so on while Comcast will showcase all of its products and services from voice to video and Internet.

“This is another great example of innovation and consumer technology being showcased in Philadelphia by Comcast. Comcast has attracted great partners like Sony that continue to benefit our citizens with cool products,” said Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

The Sony Style Comcast Labs is located the heart of The Market at the base of the Comcast Center in Philadelphia at 17th and JFK Boulevard.