Sony Pictures Entertainment, a unit of Sony, confirmed late Friday that one its websites was hacked.

Sony Pictures said it was working with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to identify the attackers and it had begun an internal investigation into the breach, according to a Reuters. report.

Sony, which had suffered PlayStation Network outage since April 2011, was hit by another massive data breach on Thursday which is undermining confidence in the company.

We deeply regret and apologise for any inconvenience caused to consumers by this cybercrime. The cybercrime wave that has affected Sony companies and a number of government agencies, businesses and individuals in recent months has hit Sony Pictures as well,” Sony said in a statement.

A hacker group called Lulz Security, the master hackers who attacked the PBS website last week and posted a fake story about rapper Tupac Shakur being alive, claimed credit.

The news came after a day that Sony brought the Sony PlayStation store back online. Meanwhile, Sony said the hacking of Sony Pictures had no effect on the Playstation Network. Still, this is another embarrassing security breach for Sony, and a sign that the company isn’t finished fending off hackers.

The group claimed the single attack exposed the personal information for more than 1 million people and all admin details of Sony Pictures along with 75,000 'music codes' and 3.5 million 'music coupons. But the group lacked the resources to copy such a massive amount of data.

Sony's troubles began when the company sued George Hotz, a 21 year-old PlayStation 3 modder, over making public on his website some 'homebrew' alterations he'd made on his PS3. In an unprecedented move, the judge in the case gave Sony permission to view IP addresses of visitors to Hotz' website, and PayPal granted Sony access into Hotz' personal financial transactions.

Proponents of Internet freedom were outraged, and the hacker group Anonymous famously stated that this was an unforgivable offense against free speech and internet must face the consequences of your actions.