Supporting SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) might prove dearer to the Web site registrar GoDaddy. GoDaddy had written to the House of Representatives expressing their support for the much criticized bill. GoDaddy also figures in the list of 142 companies, released by House Judiciary Committee, which support SOPA. It is the only Web site registrar in the list.  

Now opponents of the bill, who are furious with GoDaddy's stand, have announced a boycott of the Web site registrar. The boycott call has been getting a positive response from the SOPA opponents in the cyber world.

In his post, redditer selfprodigy said that he will be shifting his accounts from GoDaddy and called on others do the same.  I just finished writing GoDaddy a letter stating why I'm moving my small businesses 51 domains away from them, as well as my personal domains. I also pointed out that I transferred over 300 domains to them as a director of IT for a major American company.

I'm suggesting Dec 29th as move your domain 'away from GoDaddy day' because of their support of SOPA. Who's with me? he asked in his post.

The post has already got more than 2800 feedbacks and most of them are in favor of the post. The discussions are also on how to find out proxy GoDaddy sites, so that the protesters don't end up shifting their account to a proxy registrar controlled by GoDaddy.

Dr. Dew00 another reddit user wrote quoting an unidentified ex-GoDaddy employee, The easy way to indentify a GoDaddy owned company is to look for that star logo you see on the side of the guys head in the GoDaddy logo. Notice the star in all of their branding.

The online world is also active in helping each other on how to get the best deals from rival registrars and also providing technical help through their comments.

Anger against GoDaddy is also strongly visible not just in reddit but also on Twitter, Facebook and tech forums.

The supporters of SOPA and PIPA (Protect IP Act) will boycott GoDaddy till it withdraws its support for the controversial bills.

The protest is also mounting against many other companies in the list.

Paul Graham, YCombinator venture fund founder and investor, said while replying to a comment in the Hacker News that he is seriously considering disinviting SOPA supporting company representatives from participating in Y Combinator Demo Day(s). Actually that's exactly what I thought when I saw the list yesterday. Several of those companies send people to Demo Day, and when I saw the list I thought: we should stop inviting them. So yes, we'll remove anyone from those companies from the Demo Day invite list, he wrote. Demo Days is a startup-investor event conducted by YCombinator twice a year.