You've got to give it to the users at Upset over domain registrar Go Daddy's support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), reddit user selfprodigy declared on a forum thread that he or she would be transferring domains from Go Daddy.

And others have apparently responded -- in large numbers.

Selfprodigy went so far as proclaiming December 29 as a proposed boycott day for others to transfer domains from Go Daddy in protest of the company's support of SOPA. Wrote selfprodigy on reddit: ... (I am) moving my small businesses 51 domains away from them, as well as my personal domains...I'm suggesting Dec 29th as move your domain away from Go Daddy day because of their support of SOPA. Who's with me?

Go Daddy said last week it supported SOPA, becoming the only large Internet company to do so. The next day Go Daddy. which had worked with Congress on the controversial bill, backed off its support. Go Daddy is no longer supporting SOPA, the 'Stop Online Piracy Act' currently working its way through US Congress, according to a December 23 press release. We've listened to our customers. Go Daddy is no longer supporting the SOPA legislation.

It's no wonder why Go Daddy changed its mind in the span of just one day. Even though the proposed boycott was for December 29, the power of reddit has been revealed once again, as the thread has garnered so much interest and support that Go Daddy has already experienced the loss of some 72,000 domains, according to Mac Observer.

That's days before the proclaimed December 29 Dump Go Daddy day.

Reddit users feel so strongly about SOPA, and companies that support it, that some have considered other corporate protests as a means of fighting back. Some have suggested on the Web site that they boycott both Nintendo and Electronic Arts over SOPA positions.