It is rather unfortunate that the popular protests against controversial bills Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) don't coincide with the broadcast schedule of the animated series South Park, aired on Comedy Central.  

The fans of the hugely popular series, which will be on air again only in March, may be waiting for a hilarious episode ripping apart the bills.  But if any of you remember, there was an episode which, if aired now, will serve the exact same purpose: Christian Rock Hard, the 9th episode of 7th season aired in 2003, in which key characters Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman attempt to form a rock band called Moop.

Cartman, as usual, differs from his friends about how they should go about making money from the band and bets that he will make a platinum-selling album by himself. The rest of the team are busted by the FBI for downloading pirated music from the Internet seeking inspiration for music.

When Stan says they didn't know that downloading music for free was a big deal, the detective responds Not a big deal?! You think downloading music for free is not a big deal?! Put your coats on! I'm gonna show you something!  And I don't think you're gonna like it!

In the backdrop of popular musicians' super-luxurious mansions and private jets, a detective tells the children consequences of illegal downloading: Musician Lars Ulrich (drummer of metal band Metallica) couldn't get a gold-plated shark tank bar installed right next to his pool; Pop star Britney Spears had to sell her twin-jet aircraft Gulfstream IV and settle for a lesser private jet; and Rapper Master P couldn't buy an island in French Polynesia for his son's birthday.

Moop refuses to play protesting illegal downloads, and go on an indefinite strike, despite the fact that it hasn't produced any music whatsoever. The strike attracts the attention of popular stars including Metallica and Britney Spears, who come to join asking Hey, are you the guys protesting free Internet music downloading?

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