The entire cast of "The Sopranos" reunited Wednesday night backstage at 12.12.12: The Concert for Sandy Relief to answer phone calls from viewers looking to make donations to relief efforts.

A shot of all the stars of the hit HBO drama "The Sopranos" working the telethon phones at Madison Square Garden during the 12.12.12 Concert was one of the first in recent years to show everyone's favorite stars from the show in one place.

"The Sopranos" has been off the air for years, but its cult following continues to make it a focus of attention for many TV lovers, and Wednesday night was no exception.

Immediately following the airing of the stars of "The Sopranos" taking calls at the 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy victims benefit concert on Wednesday, the term "The Sopranos" became a nationwide trending topic on Twitter, as people expressed their feelings about having seen all their favorite stars from the drama in one place.

"The Sopranos" tells the story of a New Jersey mafia family, and much of the action takes place in New York City. Because Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and New York City very hard, destroying whole neighborhoods and leaving thousands of people homeless or without basic life essentials, the cast of "The Sopranos" hits a special nerve with people who suffered the storm's ferocity.

Folks who wanted the chance to talk to a cast member of "The Sopranos" or one of a number of other celebrities working the phones, including Whoopi Goldberg and Jeremy Piven, only needed to call 1-855-465-4357 to make a donation to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Twitter user @MonkeyMom45 was one of those delighted to see the old gang back together for one night, as evidenced in the following tweet:

"Omg the sopranos are answering the phones ... Lol love it #thesopranos"

Meanwhile, @TVTEDDY took the time to make a light-hearted joke about seeing the crew on live TV years after the show's last episode aired:

"Ha! The entire cast of the Sopranos is answering phones! I thought they were all swimming with the fishes. "

@Srta_Kelly tweeted that she was lucky enough to even be greeted by one of the cast members of "The Sopranos" when she called the donation line:

"Made a little donation to the Sandy Relief Concert in honor of our NYC trip this wknd and got to chat with someone from the Sopranos! :o)"