Broadway is seeing quite a bit of Hollywood lately with the show The Book Of Mormon, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park, and with U2's Bono and the Edge with Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

The popular rock duo is composing the music for the Broadway show; however, despite their success within their U2 career, the band members were not able to save the show's reputation.

The show, which debuted last night, began previews in November but the opening was continuously pushed back from December 21 to January 11, then to February 7 and again to March 15. Bono and the Edge were not at the previews in December due to their U2 tour in New Zealand and Australia.

Since November, Spider-Man has already seen some unfortunate and unforseen situations, and has been the base of many late night talk show puns.

Spider-Man is a $70 million musical, making it the most expensive show in Broadway history. Producers shut down Spider-Man for four weeks after firing the Tony Award-winning co-writer and director Julie Taymor in March, due to delays, near-fatal accidents, technical difficulties, bad press and financial woes.

Bono stated, via New York Times, that he did not invest any of his own money into the show, however the same can't be said for the Edge who reportedly put an undisclosed amount of his own funds into the musical.

After promising new music for Spider-Man, there is only one new full song in the show, and Bono and the Edge admit that the musical still needs more work. The band members were unprepared for the amount of time the show would consume, and hope to complete the needed changes over the summer.

Bono stated via The New York Times, If we thought it would take this long, there is not a chance on earth we'd have done it.

Also on the band's agenda was their 2011 album release, which is now scheduled for late 2012. Since 2004, the band has only released one album.

Bassist Adam Clayton told Rolling Stone magazine, Everyone was a bit gutted, because I think it would have been great to have got to the end of this year and have a new record out. It's not my favorite decision to put it back, but it was the only sensible decision.

In other Bono news, the singer was present for Stella McCartney's Resort 2012 Collection n New York City this week. Bono is reportedly close friends with McCartney.

In related Spider-Man news, it has been reported that Laura Ziskin, producer of the Spider-Man films, died at age 61 in her Santa Monica home after a seven year battle with breast cancer.

Watch a clip from Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark: